We’re proud to say we have a wide network of outstanding suppliers across

Real-time product database identifies immediate availability at the time of order

Our specialist procurement teams have an in-depth knowledge of well designed, good quality product ranges and a real-time database to draw on for each project to meet your specific requirements on budget, style and lead times.

We only work with suppliers who offer quality and value and are able to deliver to your timescales

Each of our suppliers has to meet our incredibly high standards and are stress-tested before they are added to our Design Platform. But that’s not all. We continually monitor their products and delivery schedules to make sure they can remain on our network. And we’re never afraid to say goodbye to any that don’t make the grade. That way you know you are only getting the best.


Sustainability and Responsibility

We’re committed to ethically sourcing products from suppliers that meet recognised standards in their production and to recycle all waste products that can be recycled. We work with you and the wider community to further develop a sustainable supply chain and to promote a responsible attitude to the impact our activities have on the environment.

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