December 13, 2016

Perfect Christmas Foliage

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Decorating your home for Christmas does not have to be expensive - and it definitely does not have to be plastic! This Christmas let’s decorate our homes with nature in mind, and get outside for a long winter walk to achieve this. We have collected our favourite ideas on how to use flowers and foliage to decorate your home.

1. Take apart the Christmas tree

Pine trees are accessible in most woodland across the UK. The tree has been used to celebrate this winter festival for centuries - but why stop with the Christmas tree? The pine tree provides beautiful branches and needles, as well as the majestic pinecone, so lets use these trimmings as decorations for our home. Bring the tree to the meal with an impactful table display, by laying the pine branches across the table, and weave in some small baubles and candles. Get crafty with pine cones and turn them into hanging decorations for the tree, or glue them to the wreath on the door. Gather a basketful of pinecones to experiment with spray paint, glitter or PVA- and make something magical for your home this Christmas.

Source: The Room Edit; North End Loft

2. Wonderful willow wreath

Be the envy of the neighbourhood by creating your own homemade wreath for the front door. Tailor make your wreath so that your front door matches the style of your home, whether that is simple and rustic, or unique and eccentric. Make the base with some dried willow, and weave into a circular design the size you desire.From here you can add berries, dried fruits, foliage or flowers.

Source: DIYnCrafts; South by North

4. A Berry Merry Christmas

Christmas brings berries galore! The beautiful fruits are a Christmas classic, and will look fabulous in your home. Berries are a good addition to a Christmas bouquet, bringing the outdoor echoes of colour into your decorations. Even in these cold winters months, you can still stumble across great foliage for a dramatic bouquet display. Bulk up the vase with branches or twigs from local trees, embellish with your berries and pine cones, and then add the flowers. Flowers that bloom in winter include the Christmas rose, pansies, wallflowers, forget-me-nots and the Christmas flower ‘poinsettia’. Mix and match, and create an elegant flower display.

Source: Tiegan Gerard; Stockholm Vitt Interors

5. A fruitful display

In England we do not have a huge variety of winter fruits we can pick fresh, so we need to pop to the market for this one OR plan earlier in the year and begin drying. First of all visit a local shop and buy some oranges,figs, or any other fruits that make nice segments when cutting. Make a day out of choosing pretty fruits, slicing them and drying them in the oven on a low heat on a baking tray. Once you’ve dried the fruits you can make a hanging display for above doorways, or you could hand make candles with the fruit inside. Then place these around your home, as well as giving them as thoughtful, handmade gifts.

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