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Welcome to the final post on our three part Desert Modernism series. If you have missed my earlier posts, you can catch up here and here. In this post I’m going to be tying up exactly how you can add the finishing touches to complete your Desert Modernism look.

The final flourish to make any space more homely are the plants and greenery. The obvious plant of choice when it comes to a Desert Modernist dedicated space would be cacti or succulents. That’s great news - they’re so easy to care for that even the least green thumbed of us can be confident in keeping these alive. Hopefully!

@Assemblyhome @thejungalow @Assemblyhome @thejungalow

Another big plus is that you can find these in so many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re decorating a small space or a larger one, I’m sure you can find the perfect succulent or cactus.

If you were really loving the macrame look from the second Desert Modernism post on wall hangings, you can take this passion even further by hanging your chosen succulents or cacti from the ceilings using beautiful macrame hangers.

@westelm @lillinwonderland @westelm @lillinwonderland

If you’d like to purchase these macrame ready made, I can suggest geo-fleur as a great place to start looking. They do a really lovely plant subscription service too… Just saying… They’ve also put together some very convenient DIY kits they’ve if you’re feeling like being creative and getting stuck in. I hope that this foray into Desert Modernism has been as fun for you as it has been for me and that you’re feeling inspired to explore the look further. If there are any concepts that you’d like me to investigate further on the Homewings magazine, please do feel free to let us know!

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by Shari Chan on 02/05/2016 in Design Inspiration

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