February 14, 2017

Trend Alert: Moody Blues

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2017 is the year of moody interiors. As trends delve into the deep-end of the colour palette, we at Homewings are clamouring to dive in too. Here’s the catch: going dark with your interiors is a lot like getting bangs, or dying your hair platinum blond. You love the idea, but the the sense of permanence makes you wonder, "is it reeeeally worth it?"

Source: Fresh Home

Fear of irreversible commitment is the leading cause of white-wall syndrome. Enter, our indecisive-buyer's-guide to moody blues. From the home-renter who can’t commit (because...landlord), to the dare devil who wants to go all out - here is your inspiration guide to this years moody colour scheme.

Level 1 | Accents

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the navy pool without too much commitment, small furnishings and accessories are the way to go. Think navy cushions and chairs, or even a petrol shearling rug! These will inject depth, and cosiness to the space, without overpowering everything around it.

Level 2 | Walls aren't the only things that can be painted...

To welcome a darker scheme into your space without tainting your walls, opt for transforming your furniture instead! Paint the inside of a shelving unit, or turn a white sideboard into a moody statement piece with a coat of dark blue.

The less you paint, the easier it will be to paint over it. To get more for less, try thinking outside the box. Inject some moodiness by painting a door or window frame, for an unexpected touch of enchanting eclecticism!

Level 3 | Make a Statement.

Never underestimate the transformative power of a single wall. If you’re a little more daring, or want an immediate and bold change, create a statement wall in your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen!

Navy backdrops are perfect for creating bold contrast when paired with lighter accents. Think: light wood, gold details, and bright vases and flowers. And just like that - a sophisticated statement wall that is sure to impress.

Top Tip: Leave the white skirting to add height to your painted wall.

Level Ninja | Full Commitment

Welcome to the dark side. This is for moody dare-devils, looking to create a truly enchanting interior experience. The idea is to go big - All or nothing.

Source: Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is the master of warm, dark spaces, and maintains that one of the cardinal rules of dark-decoration is the lighting scheme. Make sure you leverage natural light to the fullest. Use mirrors to reflect light, or transparent elements that will allow light to seep through them.

"It’s atmospheric, moody, cool and comforting at the same time. It makes me feel cocooned and enveloped, and instantly elevates everything in the room to look way cooler and more expensive!" - Abigail Ahern, 'About Dark Hues'

So, don't be afraid of the dark! The more you embrace it, the more enchanting and etherial the transformation. If you're loving what you're seeing (but have no idea where to start) we've got your back. Whether you want to make a statement, or just inject a pinch of moody character, our Homewings designers are here to bring your home to the dark side!

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