April 19, 2018

The Modest Elegance of Modern Design

Modern Design

Like many styles before it, Modern design arose out of a desire to deviate from the norm and push the boundaries of fashion and interior decor. Unlike the ornate embellishments and curvy designs of traditional Victorian era furnishings, Modern design utilises straight lines, light wood, intermittently bold colors, shiny metals, and abstract pieces to achieve a more sleek feeling.Like Scandinavian design, most Modern interiors are quite minimalist and rely upon a lack of clutter; it is important for a modern room to feel light and open with simple, neutral colored furniture (usually low to the ground) and occasional pops of color (e.g. a throw pillow, rug, painting, etc.).


As its title suggests, Modern interior design’s popularity grew in tandem with the Modern art movement in the Mid-20th Century. Certain sub-styles and decor trends that had come into being in the early 1900’s (along with the Art Deco period and the rise of Modernist art) began cropping up in bigger numbers after WWII with the mass production of household items. In the 50’s, the focus of interior design came to rest on the kitchen; by decorating with polished chrome appliances, black-and-white block tiles, and boldly colorful accents, homeowners ‘modernised’ their kitchens and thereby inspired the Modern design we know today.


Though certain aspects of the historical design have gone out of style over the years, we still see the use of shiny metals, straight lines, and abstract accents in many houses today.Modern interior decoration is a versatile style that combines both historical modernism and contemporary design trends while leaving ample room for improvisation.

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If you enjoy the light, open, minimalist aspects of Scandinavian design or the strong lines and use of metal in Industrial design, a Modern approach could be the style for you. Many celebrities - such as Michael Kors, Alexis Bledel, and Alicia Keys - have chosen this style for their homes and apartments. Though it has evolved greatly since its invention, Modern interior design has remained a popular and fun style that pushes boundaries while giving the viewer a sense of sleek and fashionable cleanliness.

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