July 08, 2016

How to Inject Moroccan Style Into Your Home

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If you’re feeling in a style rut, one way that you can begin to refresh and change the appearance of your home up is by looking to a country for inspiration. Today we’re heading to North Africa, specifically Morocco for our design inspiration.

Morocco has a wealth of inspiration for interior decor. It is a country with strong Islamic roots, a neighbour of Spain and Portugal, and also home to large swathes of desert. All of this has given the country plenty of artistic influences and you can definitely see this in the interior design.

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From the amazing colour palettes to the beautiful tiles and elaborately carved wooden furniture, there is so much you can take from this beautiful country to introduce into your home. Here’s how to get the look in any room that you desire.

1. Living room

Moroccan style is made for lounging. Get the look in your living room by investing in some beautiful Moroccan inspired soft furnishings - pillows, rugs and throws.

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Whilst you may instinctively think bright colours when envisioning a Moroccan inspired interior, an alternative way to do get the look would be to keep the colours fairly neutral. By doing this, you’re creating a look that is elevated in sophistication and less likely to be seen as too “themed”.

2. Bathroom

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This is an easy style go to if you’re interested in renovating your bathroom. Moroccan inspired bathrooms are just some of the most beautiful if you ask me! Get the look first by tiling your bathroom with some fabulous Moroccan encaustic tiles. Pair this with a nice, big rain shower. A top tip for you - some copper or brass fittings will suit the look perfectly. Finally, add an elaborate mirror, and you’re done. You’ll never want to leave your luxurious, bathing abode.

3. Bedroom or guest room

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In the bedroom, I’m a teensy bit obsessed with these beautiful, ornate headboards. They make the right kind of style statement don’t you think? Throw in a Moroccan lamp or two, and there you have it, the perfect place to slumber.

Feeling inspired? Team up with one of our Homewings designers and introduce some foreign flair into your home today!

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