October 25, 2018

Sustainability meets elegant kitchen design

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Whether you're an interiors fanatic or not, appreciation of great design underpinned by a strong ethical process, is extremely inspiring. We took some time to talk to our friends and founders of [Reform][1], Jeppe and Michael, to discuss how they're bringing together sustainable suppliers to deliver impactful, high-quality design.

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**Tell us the story of how and why you started Reform**

M: When founding Reform back in October 2014, we both had a clear vision in mind, which was to reform our cooking spaces with better design. We’ve both previously sold custom kitchens and saw a hole in the market between Ikea - who offer good quality - and all the rest who curate design, but at a significant price. When previously owning a carpentry workshop in Copenhagen, Jeppe encountered many customers’ eager to create unique kitchens, but they couldn’t afford the typical prices of a carpenter-kitchen. He believed it had to be possible to look at the market differently, and that's where the initial idea started.

J: We know each other through Michael's brother. We discussed the concept for Reform over a beer, and the rest is basically history...

M: We actually sold our first three kitchens without knowing how to produce them. Since then, the interest in architect-designed kitchens has only increased; it's really rewarding to see. And we’ve teamed up with many more respected designers and architects since our beginning. We think it's because of our ambition to offer great and affordable design, which is something that is shared with many renowned designers.

J: We spend so many hours in the heart of our homes, the kitchen, so why not have a high(er) standard when it comes to our kitchen design? We want to change that. We want to make 'everyday classics' in our kitchen areas.

homewings reform kitchen interior design homewings reform

**Where does sustainable design fit into your brand mission and how did your partnership with Dinesen come about?**

J: We've wanted to offer a sustainable kitchen design for years. We believe it's our future, so this won't be our last sustainable design. Reform is innovative and first-movers in the kitchen industry; we are offering something else than the other kitchen brands on the market. There is no other kitchen brand out there that is designing kitchens with the world's best designers and architects within this sustainable space.

M: We first got in touch with Danish architects Lendager Group. They are experts when it comes to sustainable architecture around the world - so an ideal partner for us. They specialise in upcycling materials that would otherwise have been dumped, and they have exclusive rights to use the high-quality offcuts of wooden flooring company Dinesen. As genuine fans of of Dinesen, this was a perfect match for us in so many ways.

homewings reform kitchen interior design homewings reform

**What makes the Dinesen kitchen special and how can Homewings customers get a Reform x Lendager Group x Dinesen kitchen?**

J: Quite simply, what makes it unique is that the wood comes from Dinesen's upcycled offcuts that would otherwise have ended up as waste. It's exciting to work in this way with what's arguably the world's most exclusive flooring company.

M: We have showrooms in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Berlin, and New York where you can come in and see the design for yourself and we offer samples at only 20 € for one to order home and see if the design fits - but everything can also be arranged online. [Contact our team][2] and they’ll guide you through a blueprint of the kitchen as well as the other details that need to be addressed to fit the units. Your Homewings personal shopper can help you coordinate your order and it take about 6-12 weeks until the kitchen hits the doorstep and it’s yours. Easy!

homewings reform kitchen interior design homewings reform

*For more content on Reform and their fantastic kitchens, follow them on [Instagram][3].* [1]: https://www.reformcph.com/en/ [2]: http://mailto:hello@reformcph.com [3]: https://www.instagram.com/reformcph/?hl=en

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