August 01, 2019

Startup gets a leg-up from Homewings' design service

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This week, we look at Bristol-based startup District and their 1-bed property. As a new company looking to break into the short-let space, District’s key goal was to create a strong visual brand with the first properties and command top daily rates in the area.

Design: 1-bed apartment in Bristol

Budget: £4,950 (ex. VAT)

Results: £150 daily rate with high occupancy rates in the first months

The Homewings vision for the flat was a sophisticated and mature design, but also somewhere trendy, urban and therefore appealing to mid-to-high earning young tech professionals. The colour scheme and design are both suitable for working and relaxation - formal and clean enough to work/meet with other professionals, but also stylish & comfortable enough to fully appreciate the exciting community offerings.

Regarding the collaboration with Homewings, Lucy from District says,

It was key for us to get a big win from our first property. We went for the Homewings service as our team was busy sourcing other properties and did not have the bandwidth to work on the logistics of furnishing. We are creating a brand around strong interiors, and this was an exercise in outsourcing a key component of our business. We now feel confident in scaling with Homewings and will use them again as we grow our portfolio.

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