April 29, 2016

Rustic Design and its Timeworn Charm

Rustic design

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Rustic design is a style that harkens back to a simpler time -- a time before common folk strove to artistically decorate their houses in various manners. Unlike many sleek and polished modern interiors, Rustic-inspired homes achieve their warmth and coziness from time-worn antique pieces, organically textured/shaped wallpapers, rough textiles, natural colors, and old-fashioned materials such as pottery, wood, rock, and weathered metal.

Like Eclectic design, Rustic style centers around the repurposing of and appreciation for found objects and antique treasures, evoking a sense of time and history in such interiors.

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The background behind Rustic design is simpler than the history of many other styles; the design originated out of necessity and practicality rather than as a stylistic endeavor. The whole concept of contemporary “rustic” decor relies on the premise of weathered materials and quaint design that were commonly found in 18th and 19th century country homes. Folk living on the frontier between civilisation and wilderness had easy access to nature’s bounty and therefore utilised the rough, organic materials described above. Rather than attempting to achieve stylish beauty by using such mediums, these pioneers operated out of practicality yet unintentionally inspired the Rustic style we have so fondly adopted today.

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Though to some it might seem outdated or old-fashioned, Rustic design has remained incredibly well-liked today in both urban and country homes. A popular trend in recent years has been to leave wooden beams or stone walls exposed in order to give the home a rougher, more organic feeling.Many celebrities, such as Jane Fonda, Joel Schumacher, and Ellen DeGeneres, have various kinds of Rustic-inspired homes all over the world. With an essence of simplicity, practicality, and warmth, Rustic design harkens back to another era and leaves those who experience it feeling cosy and at home.

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