August 21, 2016

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in your design!

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With effects and threats of global warming a looming issue, eco-concepts are becoming more widespread. Eco-friendly products promote green living that help conserve energy, reduce waste and prevent avoidable pollution. Creating an environmentally-conscious living space is all about recognising and minimising the effect our choices have on our world. Here are a few ways you can do this in your home:

1. Lighting and energy

When choosing your lighting scheme try and include the latest and more efficient technologies like LED, which can really reduce your energy consumption. Even better, invest in solar panels to generate thermal and electric energy, utilising the amazing energy from the sun.

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2. Less consumption = Less waste

Reducing your impact on the planet starts at consumption, do you really need to replace your chairs? What about a lick of paint and re-upholstering the cushions? Try to reduce the amount you buy in the first place by really thinking about what you need and the quality of the product. This in turn will result in less being discarded, and you will be amazed how much fun giving that old chair a new lease of life is!

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3. Recycle with creativity

More and more materials like plastics, cardboard and wood are being recycled with new functions. We think its AMAZING how creative people have got with recycling waste. Look at these gorgeous cardboard pendant lights, could you do that? Or how about using pallets as your sofa frame? Look out for ideas wherever you are and get friends and family involved to make some truly unique, recycled homewares.

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Is creating an environmentally conscious home important to you? Work with one of our Homewings designer and mention your preferences to create a fantastic room thats gentle on our planet.

Article inspired by Homewings designer Anna's blog.

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