October 30, 2016

Optimising your home office in 5 easy steps


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A home office is an essential for working at home efficiently. Here are a few tips on how to define your working space from your living area, to optimise your productivity.

1. Organise, organise and organise

To have a clear head and get the best work done, you need a clear working area! Have your papers neatly filed, your paperclips prettily boxed, and your pens colour coordinated. Try to keep your desk area limited to what is absolutely necessary so you can always feel ready to work in a nice environment. Avoid clutter by all accounts, throw out those pens you KNOW don't work, and shred those scrap pieces of paper you doodled on last year, to declutter your mind and space.

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2. Colours are important

Keep in mind that different colours will evoke different meanings to you. Have a think how certain colours make you feel and how the space will be for others working in it too. Here is some general colour guidance:

  1. Orange: to expand your thinking

  2. Dark blue: to improve efficiency

  3. Light blue: for a calm, tranquil environment

  4. Yellow: to focus

Tie the colours you need best into the room subtly, through an accent wall, a plant pot, or a rug.

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3. Keep work separate from play

The ideal situation is to have a whole room dedicated "office space". If that option is not possible for you, even just placing a screen to divide the living part of your house with the working part (or strategically placing furniture to corner off your desk from the rest of the house) makes a surprising difference to the amount of work you can achieve in your home office.

Top tip: keeping work separate from other areas of your home applies to routine as well as room layout. Don't multitask (such as eat while working, or worse, watch TV while working) as you won't be giving work your full attention, so your task will only take longer.

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4. Take advantage of natural light

It can be easy to rely solely on artificial light in an office, with the computer screens and other equipment in use that gives off light. Its proven that natural light plays a bit part on our moods, massively reducing stress and playing a big part in your sleep pattern. So grab a place near the window and enjoy the vitamin D and beautiful natural light.

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5. Decorate to inspire you

Whether you are inspired by photos of family and friends, a shell picked up on the best holiday, or fresh flowers- be sure to accent your home office with inspiration. These subtle hints will make your space a really pleasant, happy place to be in which we think is super important!

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