October 15, 2016

How To Make A New Build Feel Like Home

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Have you just bought a new build? How exciting! Everything is sparkling and new, but sometimes this can feel a little cold, so a bit like a new pair of jeans you need to wear them in! Here are a few tips to get you started with the personal touches needed to make a house a home.

1. Buy a mixture of old and new

To make your new home feel more lived in and inviting, mix your new furniture and homewares with vintage finds and some older pieces. Invest in some special antiques and bring in items that make you happy which may include an old desk from your parents house or vintage cookie tins in the kitchen. This mixture of old and new will instantly make your space feel more home then show home!

2 Image @qanvast

2. House plants are a must

Bring the outdoors in with some lovely houseplants, it shows that people now live here and care for this home. Be daring with your plant pot choice, adding a bold colour or a pattern you’ve been dying to try out. Check out the best plants for the sun direction and amount of light you are receiving.


3. Display artwork and pictures

Having artwork and pictures in your home tells a story of your journey and what bought you here. Display photographs you have collected over the years, and artwork that means something to you. This gives a personal touch to the house, making it really make it feel like home- and most importantly your home!

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4. Think five senses

Light candles for scent, have a radio for hearing your favourite music and talks, invest in soft luxurious blankets for touch, bake when you can for taste (perfect for when guests pop round) and have your favourite ornaments displayed for sight. Think about the sensual experience of being at home, with all these boxes ticked your new build will be completely transformed from a blank space to a beautiful, comfortable and well thought out home.

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5. Have your family and friends round

It is amazing what having people in your home does to the feeling of a home. To mark your new build becoming home invite family and friends round, open your home warmly, laugh a lot and enjoy the space!

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Still unsure where to start with your new space, or want a helping hand? Team up with one of our fantastic designers to really make it feel like home!

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