April 25, 2017

Kourtney Kardashian's Home: Get the Look

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Whether we love them or hate them, we all have opinions on the Kardashians. Especially in the interior design world. Why? Because Kourtney Kardashian’s home is every interior designer’s guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, we are not a Kardashian. But at Homewings, we don’t think that means we can’t decorate like one...

Kourtney-kardashian-home-get-the-look Image: Architectural Digest

Kourtney-kardashian-home-get-the-look Images: Architectural Digest

We sat down with some of our top designers, and the best personal shoppers around (a.k.a the Homewings personal shopping team) to study every detail of two of our favourite rooms in this Kardashian Krib, and bring you the how to's for getting Kourtney's interior looks for less.

How to: Kourtney's Bedroom


Step 1 | Keep it Modern & Sleek...

1 | Kourtney's sleek bedside tables may have been made-to-order, but these elegant chests of drawers by Homestead living look just as luxurious (and they're on sale... just saying)

2 | Contrast the modern edge with a hint of old-fashioned charm with a pair of Hill Interiors' Lamia table lamps.

3 | Add some sleek greenery to the mix with this Esteban glass vase from Habitat.


Step 2 | ...Then Break it up with some Contemporary Twists

4 | Kourtney's much-admired 'Love Me' neon is probably one of our favourite items. Not only does it inject some unexpected fun, but it is nowhere near as hard to come by (or expensive) as you may think.

5 | If you live in the UK, you are probably familiar with that horrible beige carpeting that plagues most rental properties. But have no fear, you can still get the Kardashian look by fighting fire with fire, and adding this textured Asko wool rug from Benuta.

6 | Kourtney's bronze figure statuette adds the perfect twist. And this Sculpture by Adrian Tinsley will absolutely do the trick.

7 | Now, onto the most necessary item in any BEDroom: Kourntey's glamorous upholstered leather bed. Here is the perfect alternative, in the form of Bed Company's faux leather Italian Design Storage bed which brings both luxury and convenience, aaaand because our personal shopping service are master at hunting down the best price, this beauty is also on sale.

8 | To bridge the modern with the classic, add a sleek white sideboard at the foot of the bed.

Step 3 | Finish the look with layered Geometric details

9 | Nothing gives the vibe of luxurious comfort like layers and layers of cushions. Start with two subtle, printed ivory cushions

10 | Then layer them with three of McAlister Textile's Aztec Cushions to complete the look.

How to: Kourtney's Home Office

Kourtney-kardashian-home-office-get-the-look Image: Architectural Digest

Step 1 | The Gallery Wall

One of the things we love the most about Kourntey's Fortune-500-worthy home office is her gallery wall.

1 | Hanging piece suggestion number 1 is Banksy's Girl on a Swing, available on King and McGaw ready framed, and ready to hang.

2 | Next, add a pop of colour with a bold art print.

3 | Finish off the hung composition with an abstract black and white painting.

4 | Once your gallery wall is in place, bring in another layer with a couple of pieces you can rest on the wall. Street art will contrast beautifully with the sleek look of the space, so we suggest small Banksy inspired frames like this Balloon Girl print...

5 | ...and this framed photograph of Banksy's Rivington Street mural.


Step 2 | Bring on the Art Deco...

6 | Accessories are the key to bringing your home office to life. This glass vase from Baccarat may be pricey, but it is absolutely worth it. If not, here is a more wallet-friendly alternative.

7 | Now, for the piece de resistance: Kourntey's incredible vintage art-deco desk. This beaut' costs upwards of 20k, but the same look can easily be recreated with this Decca Home writing desk (which just so happens to be on sale...)

8 | As an alternative for Kourt's high fabulous seating, we suggest the Cornell chairs in walnut by Made.com.

Step 3 | Finish it off with a hint of Modernity

9 | As for lighting...it may not have 3 'heads', but the Ogilvy matt black floor lamp is exactly what the doctor (a.k.a Kourtney's interior designer) ordered.

10 | To bring some warmth into the space, consider the basketweave graphite curtains by CB2. They will bring the entire look together, giving a hint of classic elegance.

12 | To create depth in the space, and add some much needed storage, we suggest Habitat's Aspen White High Gloss cabinet. It will work as a sleek backdrop, and serve as the base on which to display knickknacks and prints (No. 4 & 5 on the list).

13 | Finally, to really bring home the Kourtney Kardashian look, add this acrylic tray table next to the desk, to mimic the wood/glass contrast of her vintage Art Deco desk.

And voilà! You now have all the tools to live like a Kardashian. But, if you’re loving the looks but aren’t sure where to start, or if you're feeling inspired to spruce up your home into a Kardashian mansion, why not enquire now? Simply mention this article, and we’ll let you know how we can make it happen.

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