June 15, 2017

Interior Trends from Sunny South Africa

Trend | Summer

South African décor is inspired by trends from all over the world and has become increasingly popular in interior design. Luckily, designer Anna Corriea is breaking the style down for us so that we can bring it into our own homes...

South Africa interior design Source: Culture Trip

1 | Back to basics: Classic Concretes

Although not new to the décor world, concrete is a huge hit in South Africa! It is a durable, long lasting product that is perfect for indoor and outdoor areas - implemented in seamless flooring, counter tops, tables, benches, lighting and many more décor items. It has a contemporary and timeless feel and works best mixed with elements of wood, steel and wicker. I often like to bring concrete element into patio areas.

2 | Wonders of Wood

The use of wood adds extreme comfort and warmth to any home. Engineered wooden flooring has been trending for a while and let me tell you – it is here to stay! Wood is now being used in unsusual forms, from the microscopic (with wooden details or ornaments) to large “slatted” effect features in large rooms, or room dividers in open plan areas. It is also beautiful as paneling installed onto walls or incorporated into wall units (think: areas that house your Audio equipment, even around your fireplace). As for what specific woods you should be looking for if you want the SA look and feel: Oak or Ash in natural oil stain finish.

3 | Metallics

We have seen the metallic trend take its journey from its tones of chrome; brass; copper; rose gold right through to modern galvanized black steel. And brass and galvanized black steel have dominated the South African décor scene. These 2 metals have been brought in as elements on furniture pieces; iron mongery and lighting. They always bring fabulous pops of industrial into any space!

4 | Printed velvets

We all love the feel of luxury, and nothing says luxury quite as like velvet! Velvet is a durable and timeless fabric that has been around for centuries, but recently, it has been reinvented with elaborate prints of bright florals and jungle fever elements. It’s perfect for upholstery and now even more fabulous with glorious prints. This is great for other décor accents such as lush scatter cushions on a sofa or a bed. It’s one of the easiest ways to inject some fun filled opulence to your space.

5 | Living green walls

With urban property development on the rise - and developers maximizing on ground and height - It doesn’t leave us with a lot of that dreamy greenery to enjoy. However, these micro garden spaces have opened up the home scene to installing living green walls or vertical gardens. The benefits of vertical gardens are endless, but the i especially admire their beauty, the soothing mindfulness they bring and their environmentally friendly characteristics.

Feeling inspired to bring some of these trends into your own home? Why not let our Homewings designers lend a helping hand, and watch your dream home appear before your very eyes!

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