September 12, 2016

How To Pick Art For Different Rooms In Your House


MAGAZINE FORMAT Acrylic abstract by Mo Tuncay

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Do you find it tricky to pick the right art for the right room? With such an array of art available it can almost be too much choice! After spending hours browsing some amazing work on Artfinder we have put together a guide for picking art for different rooms in the house. We aren't ones to stick by rules but thought some guidance could be helpful when stepping into the amazing world of ART.

1. Entrance hall

This piece of art is very important as its the first thing someone will see when entering your home. Whether you pick the scheme around the art OR the art around the scheme its important to plan the look you want to go for and then make sure it all works together. Be bold with your art choice in the entrance hall, its like the books cover to the rest of your home!

2 Mixed Media painting by Black Cat Portrait

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2. Bedrooms

We think a bedroom should be your sanctuary, relaxing, calm and a space you feel totally relaxed in. Life drawings are a great choice here the romantic form of a human body sits beautifully in a bedroom.

1 Pastel nude by Talya Johnson

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3. Dining room

Did you know that yellow evokes conversation? So be sure to choose something you love in the dining room with a splash of yellow! We think a still life works particularly well to set the scene for candle lit dinner parties and wonderful food!

3 Watercolour by Jing Chen

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4. Downstairs bathroom

The downstairs bathroom is somewhere your guests will spend time looking around so capture their attention with something really fun! We love art thats slightly unconventional to encourage thought and let the individual make of it what they wish.

3 Spray-paint painting by Juan Sly

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Artfinder is a revolutionary asset to the art world. At the heart of what they do is a love and passion for art that is handmade with skill, talent and real passion. Connecting independent artists to people wanting something really special.

Want some help creating a space that echoes your art choices? Team up with one of our fantastic Homewings designers to bring it all to life!

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