August 26, 2017

How to Avoid Costly Decoration Mistakes: Interior Designers to the Rescue

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Putting off revamping your home because you always seem to spend too much? Here's how to stop overspending and start designing your home right.

1 | Understand the room layout

Many of us know what we want our space to look like but make the mistake of not considering what it can look like. Not understanding the proper layout and size of your room can have some costly side effects. Design enthusiasts easily get over excited and try to squeeze too much in or buy furniture that doesn't work for the scale of the room. Homewings designer Luise Misell notes the importance of knowing how the room will actually be used: “You may love large corner sofas but if you only need seating for 4, you may have gotten more out of a two-seater couch”. These are the things designers are trained to consider, and having one work with you will ensure that you don’t waste your time or money on furniture that wont fit in your space and impact your lifestyle negatively.

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2 | Create the right colour scheme

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for our homes, we often play it safe, but neutral isn’t the only base option. Don't make the mistake of using only one tone of, for example, blues and neutrals. Designer Cornelia warns, “You’ll end up with something bland that will come to bore you very quickly”. On the other hand, Hatice Ozhisar insists that, "people play too much with the colour options in every room and that loses the coherence and unity, so it's all about finding that perfect balance".

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Lighting can affect the colour of a room massively and it is important to avoid spending on the wrong type of lamps and bulbs. Designer Benita Barretto shed light (excuse the pun) on this, “overhead spotlights alone create a horrible, flat look to the room and deadening subtle differences in paint colours”. Working with a designer to help you create the perfect colour scheme in the right way, won't just save you money, but will create a space that will last.

3 | Know where to shop

Like most things in life, the things you really want aren't always easy to find (and not always accompanied by the right price tag). To find the best pieces you need to know where to look. A big mistake people make when designing their own homes is sourcing their décor from the wrong places. They tend to settle for things that they don’t even like that much, simply because it was the easy option and they don't know what else is out there. Designers will know the right places to go for each person’s style and space. As they say, practice makes perfect and sourcing, comparing and reviewing furniture from different brands is a designer's key expertise.

4 | Stop overspending

Many people think that designing their own home will save them the money they would have spent hiring an interior designer. But in fact, you can easily lose money by going to the wrong places and not knowing what items are worth their price tags. Working with an expert who can help you with these purchases will stop you from over spending.

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5 | The devil in the detail

People often feel disappointed at the end of their own design project but struggle to put their fingers on why. You may have all of the right items but designers know how to organise your cushions, throws, and how to layer paintings in ways you probably never considered. Designers have a keen eye and know how to bring a room together – and often the devil is in the detail.

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