March 23, 2016

How the Designer Lives: with Sarah Sheikh


When it comes to decor, Homewings designer Sarah Sheikh truly has an eye for discovering the unexpected. And this is absolutely reflected in the unique flair of her residence with a story worth telling.

This historical flat, which used to be home to a textile factory, made the perfect canvas for an industrial interior with bohemian flair. The wooden flooring and uneven walls were complimented by timeworn details such as this pulley platform, which was used to transport all of the furniture pieces into the flat.

The designer’s goal was to create a lively space that combined an old-school flair with a modern twist. Family heirlooms such as unique paintings and rugs from the family business were incorporated to give the space a very personal touch.

Online auction sites and flea markets provided a great tool for inspiration to create the personality of the apartment. The eye-catching yellow Togo sofa, a classic designed by Michel Ducaroy, was found as a perfect focal point for the living room, offering a friendly reception accented by the vibrant paintings created by members of Sarah’s family.

The antique rug, sourced from the grandfather's business was paired beautifully with an iron table and woven chairs for a combination that compliments the traditional motif of the tapestry. “The rug under my table I inherited from my parents. It was in the living room of my home and my brother and I spent hours playing with Lego on it.“

The occasional splash of bold colour and the beachy doors add a well balanced contrast to the sophisticated wood fittings such as the antique dresser and the desk. From the elaborate statement pieces to the collection of antique candlesticks, this apartment is a collage of everything lovely.


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