December 28, 2016

Planning the Perfect New Years Eve Party

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Let’s start the New Year off with a bang and throw a party to remember! If Christmas has lapped up all your inspiration for the month, we have you covered for New Years party ideas. We want the mood to be joyful, fun and prosperous to set the tone for 2017.

1. Start with a clean canvas

Before the big night you should move both furniture and ornaments out of the rooms designated for the party. If you have fragile, precious ornaments lying, we do not want you to spend the night worrying about anything getting broken! You will also want to move all furniture out but seating (it’ll be a long night!) and a few tables for snacks or drinks. This will open up the room for space to move, dance and play games or activities. When designating particular rooms for the party, keep in mind how many people are coming. Spacing is important- too little and it will feel cramped and uncomfortable, too much and it will feel sparse and less lively.

2. Stagger your snacks

Next thing to consider and get prepared is the food. If you and your guests are going to make it to midnight, you will need to provide delicious snacks throughout the course of the evening. People really appreciate and notice when you make an effort at a party, so get creative and make interesting food! You should have a vague idea of your friends dietary requirements, so do your research in accommodating for the vegetarians and any other special requirements with really tasty alternatives. It will depend on the atmosphere of your party- but generally on New Years we would suggest plated finger food to enjoy in between dancing, games, drinks and chatting.

Source: Camille Styles; Real Food

3. Glitter is essential

Somehow, glitter has become a staple at New Years parties... we are not complaining! Come up with creative, subtle ways to tie glitter into your home. Make a day out of dipping different things around the house in PVA and then sprinkling glitter. How about the tips of feathers, to string together and make a wall hanging? Why not reuse the Christmas baubles? How about finding old vases or bottles to paint, glitter then hold flowers? This will make the room pretty and celebratory!

Source: Moda in Pelle; Jenny on the Spot

4. DIY photo booth

For a night to remember, how about dedicating one wall of the party for a photo backdrop? This will encourage your guests to snap away at your event, capturing and preserving the evening. To reflect light in the photograph, buy some shiny gold or silver card from any craft store, then cut into circles or stars and stick them on the wall. To add a little humour, creating some fun props by printing out some images of theme-worthy props and glueing them onto a piece of thin card (for example, an empty cereal box)- add a wooden skewer to the side and voilà! Moustaches for all! What a fun and unique way to go into the New Year!

Source: Squirrely Minds; Style me Pretty; Drop it Modern

5. Turn on the TV..

This may seem like an antisocial idea to have the TV on during a party, but one of the best things about New Year are the magical fireworks displays that go on around the world, and it would be a shame to miss out! So at 11.30pm maybe turn it on quietly so that if people want to watch the amazing fireworks with all the other people celebrating, they can. (It's also a nice gesture for young/older guests who may be feeling slightly tired) It helps you to be in two places at once, feeling connected to everyone bringing in the beginning of 2017. Happy New Year everybody!

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