November 25, 2016

How Black Can You Go?

Living room | Winter

Image: Elle Decor Image: Elle Decor

Black is well known for being a mysterious, elegant and uncompromising colour that gives place for reflection and inner search. Who can name a woman that does not have a black dress in her closet? But do black works in your home too, and when does it become too dominant?

Talented Homewings designer Ana Perroni shares her do's and don'ts when decorating with black.

Black is an amazing colour that can activate the subconscious mind and put life and all of its craziness into perspective. Black makes a statement. Black is a can’t-miss colour. Hence why it is so popular in decoration of cosmopolitan flats and houses, leading to an often elegant and urban look. However there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when decorating with black

1. Create a black feature wall

Black is great for creating a feature wall, as anything placed in front of it will be highlighted, giving the eye a definite sense of direction. Make sure to use black in conjunction with another colour, enhancing the energy of the second for the most effective look. Each colour will bring its own personality into the room, pick yours!


2. Use Black and White together

The boldness of black can sometimes be too strong, especially in large amounts. However, with white, a colour that illuminates thoughts and represents purity, it balances the polarities.


3. Try Black and gold for a luxurious feel

The combination with gold or yellow metals feels luxurious, boosting self-confidence and creativity.


4. Try black patterns and prints

Try to use black in a contrasting monochrome scheme, where a single colour predominates in the decoration of a room. The crispness of black makes it a great choice for patterns and prints, especially bold geometric patterns with strong angles.


5. Get the lighting right

Finally, be careful not to show a heavy hand on the black side, as too much of it can be depressive. A complete lighting scheme incl. ambient light, task light etc. can help you balance out and lift the spirit in the room.

Inspired by Ana's colour tips, but not sure where to start? You can work one-on-one with Ana or any other Homewings designer.

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