March 18, 2019

Homewings x Ipsus | Progressive, data-led design for discerning buyers

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Homewings’ recent collaboration involved designing a custom furniture collection for the property development company Ipsus. This allowed buyers to select a package upon moving in, creating diversity and personality within the apartment, while still positioning it as a ready-to-live-in and simple home solution.

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The sophisticated and relaxing principles behind Ipsus ring true with those of Homewings, and the partnership centred on using those values to curate custom designs that are both functional and forward-thinking, but also worthy of the name ‘Home’. It also allowed for several crucial marketable strengths to emerge:

  • Demonstrating the space through design increases sale rate

  • Custom design differentiates Bedford House from other developments

  • Design-forward properties add value to new buyers

This triad is a true part of Homewings, and is put forward through our use of data to measure sector sentiment and trends, meaning that our designers have access to key facts and projections that are instrumental in shaping their design packages: it allows for a mix of creative flair and hard fact. In this way, partnerships between brands such as Homewings and Ipsus are fostered, strengthening and deepening our brand focus, and pooling our strengths.

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When asked about the collaboration, Managing Director of Ipsus, Nick Pendlebury said the following:

I am delighted that we have found a company who share our passion for great design and attention to detail, and actually understand that a home can look good and function properly at the same time. Their knowledge of trends and fashions means that not only will our development be at the forefront of what is currently “hip", but also that our buyers have the opportunity to create a truly fantastic home that is curated with skill, and that is beyond their imagination.

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The result is a series of carefully curated apartments focusing on textual harmony. The canvases, rugs and sofas complement the Japanese-inspired woodwork, adding tranquillity to the space, and fast adhering to the needs of families and young professionals alike. On top of this, Ipsus was the winner of the Five-star Award in the Best Residential category, for Bedford House, adding further excitement to the collaboration.

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