May 30, 2019

Homewings x Apt Living: Organising small spaces for modern living

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One of the reasons that we're so excited to work with Apt Living is that they share our focus on creating design-led spaces for modern living. The homes they create perfectly blend differentiated functional style with an approachable price point; no development encapsulates this as well as their Kew Bridge development, which you can visit on 8th and 9th June 2019 for the exclusive unveiling of the site's exciting new amenities.

As part of our collaboration, we've curated some top design and styling tips for a small space, that - in the words of Apt themselves - has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Tall shelving and storage hideaways

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When organising small bedrooms, it's crucial that you utilise all possible storage space. Tall shelves can be used as the perfect home for storage baskets and reduce any bedroom clutter. Furthermore, if the storage shelves are wall-mounted, you're freeing up that valuable extra floorspace!

The simple setup highlighted in one of Apt's latest homes (above) shows how small bedroom decor can preserve elegance without losing functionality.

Surface space and sunlight

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Kitchens are often prone to descending into mess due to the number of items that are needed and frequently used. Much like floorspace in the bedroom, a largely open workspace in the kitchen often gives the illusion of having more space. To facilitate this, we return to the point of storage - only keep daily, repeatable necessities out (your kettle, toaster, cafetiere) and ensure everything else is neatly tucked away or artistically shelved, as above.

A kitchen is often the centre of a home, so ensure it's supplemented by plenty of natural light. Apt's apartments are incredibly considerate of this and the complimentary lighter woods give a real sense of space and breathability.

Mirrors and minimalism

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Adding mirrors is the best way to create an illusion of space and reflect light to make a room feel brighter! Play with the angles and choose your favourite view of the bathroom to reflect.

This beautiful bathroom is also a nod to how minimal geometry gives the notion of an open, cohesive room design. This is further amplified by the use of a glass shower wall as opposed to a curtain so as not to disrupt the sight lines; cooler lighting compliments the minimalism stylistically.

Holistic hallways

enter image description here

A hallway is frequently used yet often underserved in terms of design focus. With space at a premium, this is a perfect example of Apt's intelligence with small space. A hinged door is replace by a sliding one so as not to compromise the walkways of the hall or the bedroom, while I compact working setup has neatly been integrated into the opposite wall.

This often decorative area of the home can be transformed into one that is practical and if you are to follow the example above, why not explore furniture items that have been sustainably designed, such as the On & On collection by Emeco.

Slim lines and symmetry

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And so we come to the living room! It's often tricky to optimise for both comfort and style but here is how we blend both.

Furniture with slim legs look lighter and open up more floor to natural sight lines; symmetry in artwork, mirrors or indeed parts of your furniture set up have the same impact as geometry in the bathroom by not creating visual clutter in how you naturally scan a room.

By far the most impactful way of expanding a seemingly small space is through boldness of statement pieces. The key thing to remember is to take into consideration rhythm, balance and scale as opposed to merely blending a range of finishes, styles or elements – and this is normally where interior designers come in!

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