Homewings Hits the Sahara with Desert Modernism

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Desert Modernism is an iconic approach that always turns heads in the design world, capturing the essence of southwestern motifs and a balanced colour palette with a collection of botanicals meant to endure even the harshest of climates.

Thoughts of sweltering, hot deserts and bright blue skies get me dreaming of gorgeous craftsmanship, natural materials and bright Mexican inspired colours. A look that we can describe as Desert Modernism.

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You might think; isn’t this just a boho look? Well, it’s definitely a relative, a brother or sister if you like. But if you take a closer look it’s not quite the same. A little less free love, a little more tribal and geometric.

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Now, if you're anything like us, you're probably thinking, “WOW! What a gorgeous look? How can I get it myself?!”. Well, Can I suggest pairing some sandy neutrals, beautiful tan leathers and eye-catching, bright patterns?

Let me point you in the direction of the folks over at Yonderliving, they have a great selection of cushions to help you get started.

@Yonderliving @Yonderliving

I’m loving this look so much - it’s part of a three part series. Keep your eyes peeled for part two

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by Shari Chan on 09/04/2016 in Design Inspiration

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