March 10, 2017

Before & After: A Small Design Investment Yields Big Returns on Airbnb

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Meet fitness expert Lucinda Dixon who transformed her London flat into an AirBnB hotspot, increasing her fees from £125 to £210 and boosting bookings by 35%.

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Lucy began renting out her bright west London flat a year ago, when she returned home to the UK after a couple of years Down Under. “I travel a lot, so I decided to rent out my London flat on AirBnB whenever I'm away. But, transcontinental moves are tough, especially on our furniture, so when I came back, I decorated the flat with things I had left in storage when I moved to Australia. In terms of interior design, it left something to be desired”. Lucy was faced with a common interiors ailment: She looked around her living room and was officially, unequivocally, mind-numbingly bored.




“I wanted to get more out of my AirBnB, while also having a space I could feel at home in.” Her fabulous flat was a diamond in the rough, “but I didn’t know where to start” admits Lucy.

With AirBnB on her mind, Lucy came to Homewings with a brief that fits her bright personality to a T: “I wanted it to be not just my happy place, but a happy place”.

Two months later, Homewings Magazine heads back to west London to take a look around the transformed property and speak to Lucy.

What does the word home mean to you?

"Family, friends and comfort. A house becomes a home when you feel 100% comfortable, and happy in it. In many ways, Homewings made my house into a home. They provided the comfort, I provided the family and friends!"

What made you consider working with an interior designer?

"I wanted to spruce up my flat, but had never really considered working with an interior designer. I was sure I wouldn't have the time, or the budget. Interior designers are expensive, and everyone I asked had terrible experiences. It had taken months of back and forth just to get their projects started. I really didn't want the hassle, so online interior design was exactly what I was looking for."


Lucy's Living Room

open-plan-living-room-interior-design-couch-blue-airbnb Lucy's Dining Area - After Homewings

How did you hear about us?

"I read about Homewings in the Telegraph, and thought I would take a look. As soon as I went on the website, I knew this would be a great fit. It's hassle free interior design. Ha! There's your new slogan!"

What did you like best about working with your designer?

"I think the innovative nature of the service itself. I loved everything, including the platform we collaborated on - it was all just...fun! But, if I had to pick a single moment, it would be when I received the visualisation of the living room. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. I was able to navigate through my brand new living room, without lifting a finger. Big thumbs up for that."

Final Design Visualisation

What surprised you the most?

"The living room is the space that most surprised me, and that I am most proud of now. Gemma made us see our living room in a completely different light. It was perfectly functional, but it never had any type of wow factor. Now, it's a beautiful space!"

living-room-interior-design-couch-blue-airbnb Lucy's New Living Room

"The biggest proof of that has been on AirBnB. After Homewings and Gemma got their hands on it, not only where we able to increase the price per stay from £125 to £210, but we got a 35% increase in bookings."

What is your favourite part of your newly transformed home?

"Either the living room, or the master bedroom. The master bedroom went from looking like a basic west London conversion, to a warm and bright Scandi cottage."

Lucy's Scandi Bedroom

What is the quirkiest item in your home and what's the story behind it?

"We have a lot of original surfing prints from our time living in Australia, which we love."

In which room do you spend most of your time? Why do you love it?

"The living room, because of the open-plan and the large windows. Gemma injected so many beautiful little furnishings and accessories that make it impossible to ever be bored with it!"

Lucy's Sun Kissed Living Room

If you could only decorate your home using one colour, what would it be?

"I don't think I could ever do that! I love bright colours, and mixing and matching."

Lucy's Colourful & Eclectic Guest Room

And finally, would you use Homewings again?

"Absolutely! If I'm looking to update my space in the future - Homewings will be the first people I will call!"

Lucy's Calm & Bright Guest Room

Details - Lucy's Calm & Bright Guest Room

Thank's for stopping by Lucy's West London home!

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