April 29, 2017

Home Makeover: Julia's Scandi Chic Living Room in North London

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Step into the elegant north London home of Julia Engel-Peters. Foodie, businesswoman, avid traveller – this is a woman who really does it all. Julia balances her time between globe-trotting and wedding whispering as the founder and CEO of WonderWed, an online platform which helps newly engaged couples plan their wedding digitally.

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First things first. What made you chose your home?

“When we first walked into our home, we loved how spacious and open it felt. The split-level and high ceilings were exactly what we'd been looking for - so we fell in love with the place pretty quickly. Before the renovations, our flat used to be a pub - so the bar trolley is definitely in the right place!”



What do you love to do in your spare time?

“My husband and I absolutely love to travel. We bring back at least one decorative item for the apartment from each trip - be it a painting, a little statue from local craftspeople or crockery... I am also a foodie and love to spend hours in the kitchen experiencing new recipes, or trying out new restaurants.”

How did you hear about Homewings?

“Through Google. I was looking for a local interior designer to give me some tips on how to better use the space, but I only found designers who look after full redesigning projects, and the price tag to go with it. When I coincidentally discovered Homewings I was so happy, as it's exactly the level of involvement I was looking for and I could do it all online.”

What made you consider working with a Homewings designer?

“I looked through the Homewings Before and After gallery and saw some of the projects you had previously worked on. I loved how you managed to completely transform a room with simple and affordable items such as cushions, statement lamps and side tables... which is exactly what I wanted for our place - Just a little advice and recommendations to make it work better.”

What is your favourite part of your newly transformed living room?

“I am obsessed with the blush-coloured velvet armchair! It's so cosy and looks great. It's just something different that I would not have considered before and that corner with the floor lamp, chair and plant is my favourite spot to read.”


What did you like best about working with Homewings?

“At first I was worried that the experience would be a bit impersonal - being able to plan everything online was great and time-efficient, but having my own designer who looked after the project from A-Z was fantastic and really made a big difference! Natasha was super involved, enthusiastic and even came by to have a look at the place in person before working on her style concept.”

Julia's Visualisation


What was your favourite part of the process?

“The style concept was really fun and easy! I loved the quiz and mood boards. The whole project really started taking shape once we had gone through that together.”

You have a neon sign in your dining area (which we are obsessed with by the way) that reads 'Angel'. Was there a specific reason for it?

“2 reasons: 1. It's the area we live in. Angel is such a great energetic area that we wanted to honour somewhere in the flat. 2. My maiden name is "Engel", which means angel in German, so it felt like a very personal word to choose for the neon signs.”


Those fabulous high ceilings are every Londoner's dream! Where did you find that painting, and what's the story behind it?

“The painting is a wedding present from my father-in-law. It's from an American artist which we are big fans of. The old man in the painting is watching over the young family playing by the sea. It’s a very symbolic present. We're still trying to figure out what the U.F.O. in the sky means though, which at first goes unnoticed...”


What is the quirkiest item in your home and what's the story behind it?

“It's a tricky question as there are a few. I think the winner is the hanging wire lamp though: it took 3 guys (and me) 10 hours to assemble, as each cable and metal ring came separately. Getting it up on the high ceiling with just a ladder was also a dangerous mission. But hey, we love to live life on the edge and it got there in the end! Also: it's REALLY bright...”

What does the word home mean to you?

“It's the people who make a house a home. Having "someone to come home to" or having friends over for a casual dinner makes a place warm and cosy, no matter where it is, how small, big, simple or fancy.”

And finally, would you use Homewings again?

Definitely! Next up: the bedroom!

Thanks for stopping by Julia's fabulously chic London home!

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