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by Homewings Editorial Team on 13/11/2016 in Home Tours
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Hsiu came to Homewings when she was moving back to London and wanted to set up a home and start decorating her apartment, while still living in Dubai. We went by her apartment to see the results of her beautiful new home and have a chat about the design... join us!

How did you end up with this apartment?

Before moving to Dubai we lived in London, so when we came back this time, we had an idea that we wanted to live east. We love the energy of the east end with all its fantastic bars and restaurants. We are so close to Hackney and Bethnal Green which we enjoy on the weekends and the location makes it really easy to get into central London for our work.

Image: 2D room visualisation by the designer

2 Image: Final bedroom design

Quite a change of scene.. how do you compare Dubai with London?

They are completely different! Dubai is a city in a dessert, so it's quite relaxed, but with everything being very luxurious. There is quite a lot of focus around the beach, and was more relaxed and slower paced compared to London. London has so much to do and we just love that there's something for everybody. It's a melting pot of different cultures and people- continually happening and new. Being so close to Europe for travelling means completely new experiences and places on our doorstep... London's awesome its the centre of the the world!


Why did you consider working with a Homewings designer?

Firstly I wanted new ideas about pieces of furniture and style because its a small space. I needed good solutions for the apartment as space is so valuable in London you really want to utilise what you've got. Secondly we had special furniture that we wanted to keep, so I photographed them and added them to the board and then Francesco used them along with the new items he suggested to create a scheme with everything that worked so well together.


What did you like best about working with Homewings?

My favourite thing was how interactive it was with Francesco. First I had a brief to go through to determine the style I like, I thought this was great because they don't try to change what you like but rather push you to try new things. Wecora the board that we used was so fun- I would be recommended pieces I would never of picked myself but that was great as it was different ideas and opening my eyes to new stuff, while not trying to change my style. Then with it all together it looked so cool.

Image: 2D visualisation by the designer Image: 2D visualisation by the designer

7 Image: Final livingroom design

Where did you do the project from?

I carried out the project remotely. I was still in Dubai but wanted the apartment to be ready by the time we moved, so we worked on it without even being on the same continent. I found it hard to picture what it was all going to look like before using Homewings. The biggest challenge was getting a sense of scale- I would see a sofa or table that I liked but then would have doubts about whether it would look huge or too small in the room and where to place it. Francesco really thought about the design, it all fits so perfectly and I was so impressed by how the space was utilised. I couldn't believe how good it looked!


So what happened next?

Francesco made me a shopping list and I checked it over and made sure I wanted all the items and then used the order for me which I really liked. It's so helpful you just let them get on with it and they order and organise everything. My order came to more then £1000 so I got £100 back from the Homewings design fee which was such a bonus! It was just great, it was so worth it as I didn't have time to order from 10 places and organise everything. It saved me a lot of hours work!


Did you feel supported through the process?

Completely! If there were any issues I just emailed Cornelia and she would fix it and was so supportive. Cornelia and the team were so helpful, she was super supportive and I think we instantly bonded as she has also lived in Dubai for a while. I couldn't believe how sweet she was while being completely on top of everything- nothing was too much to ask. She just made it happen, I think she's great!


We hope you enjoyed the home tour as much as we did. Does your house need setting up?

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