May 08, 2017

Home Refresh: Muted Colours

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Minimalism is fighting back. If the bold, beautiful blues and emeralds gracing interior design colour pallets aren't your thing - Behold, we give you, the muted colours. The unsung hero's that are finally making a blow!

Muted colours are back and this time with a warm, earthy kick. We're talking about beautiful dusty pinks, terracotta, creams, warm toned whites and pale olives. These sleek shades will give any home a warmth and depth comparable to a Mediterranean abode! And introducing this trend in to your home couldn’t be easier.

1 | Baby steps..

If you’ve fallen in love with the pinks and earthy greys but aren’t quite ready to commit to a serious room upheaval, soft furnishings and decorative accessories are the way to go. They are a quick and easy way to incorporate the look into your space and add some great texture. Try adding the pinks and warmer greys in varying sizes of scatter cushions to warm up your room and give it that natural muted feel without the huge commitment. And when it comes to decorative accessories, look no further than a striking terracotta vase to adorn your console or coffee table.

2 | Powder Paint

Wanting a full space transformation? Then theres no better first step than applying a fresh coat of paint! Painted surfaces will alter the way that light is viewed in the room, so painting a wall in a colour like Farrow and Ball’s shade ‘Dead Salmon', will result in the overall light of the room being a softer, more muted hue. But try to keep some surfaces in your space white, to keep that contemporary vibe. Ps. Kendall Jenner knows what we're talking about.

3 | Muted Minimalism

These shades are best used in a minimal space, so when it comes to furnishing, stick to the time old mantra of less is more. The colours speak for themselves and clutter should be avoided at all costs! Scandinavian and Mid-Century furniture work great alongside these tones and will work as a base for you to incorporate your textiles and carefully selected decorative pieces. Nothing flatters terracotta, dusty pink and white quite as brilliantly as wood - the natural material will beautifully mirror the soft neutrals of this pallet! A wooden coffee table with a strong grain like the Sato from Swoon Editions and an armchair with a striking wooden frame like the Karla armchair would be wonderful pieces to work with the pallet and give the space textural dimension!

4 | Texture

Never be afraid to layer colours when working with this trend, it’s encouraged to build up colour on colour! For instance, get a rust coloured sofa and adorn it with an array of soft furnishings in any of the other colours from the pallet. Don’t shy away when it comes to rugs either! With this trend you don't have to stick to a cream rug that sits in the background, try incorporating a rug with stripes in two different tones of the same colour. All the layering of different tones will bring in a complex depth to your space, making you want to linger for a little while longer.

5 | Fun & Floral

Although we love our muted earthy pallet - unleash the houseplants! The striking green works perfectly beside all natural tones, and a plant will bring an extra bit of lightness in to your space. Not to mention the fact that house plants also purify the air for us! Perfect for city dwellers. Try an Aloe plant or an impactful cheese plant for that real “wow factor”.

If you incorporate this trend, we can assure you that your living space will be transformed into a calm, tranquil environment, perfect for relaxing and hosting alike. You’ll certainly never see muted colours as the underdogs again!If you're loving what you're seeing, check out our Home Refresh: Muted Colours Pinterest board

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