November 09, 2016

At Home With: Film & Furniture Founder Paula Benson

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2 Image: Paula Benson

Paula is fascinated and engaged in many areas of design and culture - from graphic design and art, to film and interior design. For 25 years she has worked in design and branding for many high profile clients in music, entertainment, fashion and festivals as co-founder of the multi award winning London agency Form®. Her passion for design has seen her travel around the world giving lectures and workshops to new generations of designers. More recently she founded Film and Furniture the lovingly curated resource directing you where to find the décor, homeware and furniture you spot in your favourite films.

1. What is your favourite film?

I enjoy visionary films that have predicted the future or had an impact on many aspects of life and culture, therefore Kubrick’s 2001 "A Space Odyssey" and Ridley Scott’s "Blade Runner" are constantly wrestling for a first place.

2 Image: Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey

2. Where is your dream holiday destination?

Fogo Island Inn, Canada has been on my list for a while. Not only is it stunning architecture perched on stilts and hugging the North Atlantic coastline but the interiors are also particularly interesting having been designed with beautiful crafts from the local islanders. The entire project is truly sustainable and supportive of the local community. It looks stunning!

3 Image: Fogo island inn Canada

3. What is the quirkiest item in your home?

An antique dovecot. We use it as a sideboard in our dining area and it has mini doors with perches that once allowed the birds in and out.

1 Image: Paula's home

4. If you had a dinner party with 3 people who would they be?

1. Director Stanley Kubrick

2. All round creative genius, film and furniture maker Ray Eames (she was also known for hosting amazing dinner parties herself)

3. Film set designer extraordinaire (including many Bond films) Ken Adams

5 Images: Dinner party guests portraits

5. Where is your favourite place to work?

A sofa. It feels less like work. I also do my best research and writing for Film and Furniture when I am away from the office. The most read feature on the website - Bruce Wayne’s house in Batman v Superman – was written here:

8 Image: Paula's home

6. What’s the most important lesson learned from starting Film and Furniture?

The biggest lesson I have learned from running a website is the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)! It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about something, if you want people to find you online and share your passion, then SEO is key. For example, if you Google “Glasses in Mad Men” or “Furniture in Fifty Shades of Grey”, Film and Furniture will be near the top (if not number 1) - and that’s how many people discover us.

6 Image: Stranger Things film

7. If you could be gifted an iconic piece of furniture what would it be?

The entire set of the Elrod House in Diamonds Are Forever, if you please! The space age Palm Springs house was home for a B&B Italia Up chair by Gaetano Pesce, several Ribbon chairs by Pierre Paulin for Artifort and a classic Arco light.

7 Image: Elrod house in Diamonds Are Forever

8. How has your company influenced your home?

It’s not outwardly obvious how running a website about furniture and film set design has influenced our home, although I guess it has a sense of drama! We have the gorgeous weighty whiskey tumblers from Blade Runner, the Dorothy Thorpe “Don Draper” glasses from Mad Men, original movie posters on the walls and a collection of vinyl toys including Star Wars, Toy Story and Beatles Yellow Submarine characters gathered on a floating shelf that runs around the studio.

magazine-format-1 Image: Paula's home

We are honoured that we had the opportunity to ask Paula a few questions and get into her design mind! Check out Film and Furniture for some great inspiration.

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