January 21, 2017

Go Green: Vertical Gardens

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From being the Pantone colour of the year, to the urban greenery trend that has popped up in cosmopolitan settings around the world; it’s safe to say that Green is a colour worth noting in the world of design.

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We reached out to Homewings garden designer and co-founder of The Green Brothers, Paul Jezioranski, to get his take on one of the top trends in greenery: Vertical Gardens.

“From vegetation-garnished shop faces to budding roof terraces, Mother Nature is providing the latest essential accessory for all occupied spaces” says Paul, “green is the new black.”

“Vertical gardens are not the only big trend in landscape design, they have rapidly become a crucial statement in contemporary exterior and interior design. Demand for these spaces is set to bloom , with increasing numbers of dimensionally challenged city dwellers opting for this cost-effective method of sprucing up their surroundings.”     

What is your take on popularity of Green ‘Wonder’ Walls?

“With urban city living on the rise, we are becoming increasingly detached from nature, so it’s no wonder so many commercial companies are choosing to go green! London boasts some of the largest living green walls. The 68 ft vertical garden of the Rubens Hotel in Victoria adorns a captivating green exterior, and the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush hosts one of the UK’s longest installations, covering a whopping 170 meters with vibrant vegetation.”

Source: The Landscape Architect; Dezeen

“Other retailers who have previously decked out their spaces in green include Apple, Anthropolgie and Marks and Spencer. Beyond the aesthetic magnificence, vertical gardens have wondrous health and well-being benefits which recently led Heathrow airport to install a wall of 1,680 plants, in a bid to de-stress passengers.”  

Tell us about the many facades of Vertical Gardens

“Vertical gardens are wide-ranging in terms of vegetation, scale and configuration. There are multiple systems available that suit the needs of any consumer; from large exterior fixtures, to low cost interior decoration. The preservation systems are versatile and relatively user-friendly, including self-watering options and simple pocket containers. A-List actress, Jessica Alba opted to install a minimalistic fabric-pocket vertical garden in her glamorous Hollywood home.”

Source: Daily Mail; Sarah Duncan-Smith

“But you don’t have to be rich and famous to afford movie-star-chic. At The Green Brothers, we believe these benefits shouldn’t come at an unattainable cost. Green walls provide a simple solution to a very modern predicament. The pocket option, for example, is a permanent fixture, which can be styled with seasonal plants in the summer and Poinsettias over the Christmas period for a truly unique and vibrant twist on traditional holiday decorations. It can also serve as a year-round urban orchard, holding vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. Urban greenery really is for everyone, everywhere! Plants can live in any environment; from your living room to your bathroom, they have the power to embellish your dwellings while providing a constant influx of clean and fresh air.”  

What are the benefits of Vertical Gardens?

“The benefits of vertical gardens are surprisingly vast. They substantially improve air quality, as the high plant density absorbs and cleans pollutants simply through their leaves and roots. Vertical gardens may even save you some cash, as installing living green walls both inside or outside helps to reduce energy costs as they act as a natural thermal insulator. Vertical gardens can also reduce stress, increase concentration, increase productivity and even lower blood pressure. It makes sense - who doesn't feel good surrounded by nature?

Source: Revistaad.es; Home BNC

As convenient as urban living is, it is artificial, and neglects the natural environment we were designed to live in. It is in our human nature to crave the peace and serenity offered by natural vegetation. As the co-founder of The Green Brothers, a horticultural services company based in South Kensington, I witness fist hand how much my clients appreciate the value and beauty of green spaces, and the important part they play in the home.

For more ideas of how you can deck out your digs with Dahlias, or adorn your confines with Climbers – visit our The Green Brothers Houzz profile, or ask about us on the Homewings website to work one-on-one with a designer to transform your garden or home!

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