January 17, 2017

Get the 'Hygge' Life Right

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Have you heard about the Hygge lifestyle? No? Well do not fear - Homewings have partnered up with Gousto to learn more about this increasingly popular lifestyle concept.

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On a mission to get you and your home feeling amazing, we looked to the happiest country on earth, Denmark, to learn more about a lifestyle concept that promotes all that is loving, warm, happy and peaceful. Hygge is a concept of inner-cosiness and inner-peace (the emotional equivalent of sitting by a crackling fire - hot chocolate in hand - surrounded by those you love). To get as much Hygge as we possibly can, we hit up our friends at Gousto for some easy, goodness-filled recipes. Gousto is on a mission to change the way you eat, giving you top quality, pre-measured ingredients, with delicious recipes, delivered straight to your door. And, coupled with our top interior tips, we’re bringing you the ultimate 4-step guide to bringing Hygge into your kitchens and dining rooms!

1. Be Bright

Don’t be afraid of boosting the energy level of a space with light, bright colours. Paint the wall behind your dining table - just do it. Be daring! Think of light blues and greys to give the room a bright finish and take your dining nook to the next level. Pair this with bright and joyful kitchen wear, cutlery (and recipes) for an added pop of excitement. Packed with high, bright notes and explosive flavour - we’re pairing this bright trend with Gousto’s Chorizo Stuffed Chicken with Saffron Aioli - a treat for the tummy, and for the eyes...

Source: House & Home; Gousto

2. Mix & Match Your Chairs

Allow yourself to splurge on a couple of beautiful vintage chairs, and fill in the gaps with more conventional seating. The eclectic look will not only fill the space with playfulness, but will promote togetherness as each member of the family finds their own spot - promoting Hygge by anchoring a sense of belonging and togetherness. It is also great for entertaining! Even folding chairs will blend beautifully in a haze of harmonious eclecticism - and nothing says Hygge like filling a room with the energy and laughter of a dining table of friends and loved ones.

Source: HGTV Home; Gousto

From eclectic design to eclectic food - Gousto’s vibrant Harrissa Haloumi Sandwich, with its side of bright and tangy slaw echoes this playfulness. Its vegetarian, healthy, and a treat for everyone around your table.

3. Bring on the Warm & Fuzzy

An easy way to bring Hygge to any room: furry throws. Bring your mismatched look together by adding some fuzziness to the mix. It is incredibly easy to create a sense of ultimate comfort and warmth by adding a faux fur throw to each chair, and cooking up an amazing curry. Click here for a great, wallet-friendly alternative that will keep the warm luxurious feel alive.

Source: KINOKLAJE; Gousto

Our friends at Gousto paired this warm, comfortable look with a delicious Keralan Coconut Egg Curry recipe that is sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

4. Light it up!

Lighting is one of the most transformative components of any room. To perfect the Hygge feel, opt for hanging lights as opposed to floor lamps. These will flood specific areas with light without overwhelming the rest of the space. Another top tip: be smart about your lightbulbs! The quality of light is extremely important, so go for warm, low voltage lighting which will fill the room with a golden glow and promote that heartfelt feeling that Hygge is all about.

Source: Decoist; Gousto

As for your inner-brightness; prepare to be amazed by this tantalisingly crisp and velvety Sea Bass dish - direct to you from our Chef friends at Gousto! Healthy, light and packed with flavour.

Feeling inspired? why not work one-on-one with one of our talented designers to bring your own vision to life!

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