October 26, 2016

Get prepared at home for Halloween with the kids!



The spooky holiday is fast approaching... we want to be sure that you are prepared with some awesome crafts to do with the little ones! These activities are easy and great fun to do, and will get the kids super excited for October 31st.

1. Pumpkin carving

Is halloween even a thing without carving a pumpkin? Make your house halloween ready by buying (or growing) the perfect shaped pumpkin and carve away. Let the kids hollow out the inside, and then draw on your design first to make cutting out easier and purposeful. You should then assist them in cutting this out with a knife. You can go traditional in your designs, with a scary face that will keep your neighbours shaking behind the curtains, or go modern and do some trendy shapes in the pumpkin- we loved this family array of pumpkins! Just wait to see how fab they look lit up.

1 Image @ pink fisch

2. Homemade ‘Trick or Treat" baskets

Have your little halloween cub be the envy of the streets with a unique carrier for their sweets. You will need to dive into the recycling bin here, and find an old ice cream tub ideally or a cardboard box. Then grab the PVA glue and some crepe paper, and let the kiddies decorate away (to match their costume of course). You should use a hot glue gun or stapler and attach a strap to their decorated box once they're finished decorating, ready to go and collect loads of sweets!

2 Image @ craft hubs

3. Get creative with your costumes

The best part of Halloween is the costumes! If you are nifty on a sewing machine, why not make costumes for you and the kids? This is a cost effective way of celebrating Halloween, as you can use leftover material or up-cycle an old outfit. How about filling 4 pairs of tights with newspaper and hanging these off your arms to be a large dangly spider? Or cover a cardboard box in tinfoil and stick your head and arms through with a customised central badge to be the new robot in town.

3 Image @ pretty plain janes

4. Make hanging spiders

This finally gives you an excuse for a trip to the craft shop (hooray!). Pick up various sizes of polystyrene balls, some pipe cleaners and a pack of googly eyes (optional for a friendlier touch). Use a toothpick to stick a large ball to a smaller ball, spray paint these black, and then decorate away. These spooky or smiley spiders can be hung inside or out. To do this with bits and bobs round the house, you could alternatively fill black socks or tights with some newspaper to make the spiders bodies.

5 Image @ one good thing by jillee

5. Make your own biscuits

To ensure Halloween passes smoothly with no ‘tricks’, give the knocking ghouls a homemade treat they cannot resist. Want to try our favourite cookies with a boiled sweet centre? Our fail safe recipe for the cookies comes from Jamie Oliver we tried them out and they were delicious.. maybe make an extra batch otherwise they always seem to disappear very quickly. Let the kids get creative with their shapes and decorating!


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