April 12, 2016

The Romantic Details of French Interior

French design

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An essential aspect of any design project is understanding what defines your own personal style. France has always been a source of inspiration for elegant design trends in the fashion and interior industry. Perhaps the contemporary interpretation of this regal decor is right down your alley?

Contemporary French design is a tasteful and elegant style that can be divided into two distinct categories: modern rococo and French country. The first tends to be the more decadent of the two and consists of primarily pastel colors, ornate decor, floral patterns, and curved edges.

Today’s Rococo-designed rooms should feel soft and airy with a quaint yet regal ambience. French country, on the other hand, is more rustic and generally uses distressed furniture to give the impression of an old French country cottage; wrought iron, burnished copper and bronze, and worn-down wooden materials are among the most commonly utilised for the provincial look. Both categories of French design are intended to subtly transport the viewer to a previous age by incorporating time-worn furniture, muted colors, intricate patterns, and soft lines into any given interior.

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France has been a prominent figure in the interior design industry ever since the blossoming of the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th Centuries. This time period was when the wealthy began frequently commissioning architects to design castles and cathedrals with nothing but the most elaborate carvings, ornate paintings, and expensively embellished furniture. At the same time, however, those living in the French countryside who couldn’t afford such luxuries developed their own version more adapted to country life; the rustic style generally had similarly designed prints and carvings but usually with heavier woods, burnished metals, and muted colors. Both designs spread rapidly throughout Europe during the Renaissance and have remained popular to this day by gradually transforming into both the contemporary French style as well as other variants, such as shabby chic, a type of modern yet rustic design where painted pieces are distressed to give the impression of age and wear.

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Though it has evolved a great deal since its birth, French design has remained a relevant and well-liked style, especially in the celebrity sphere. A number of noteworthy stars - such as chef Julia Child, actress Jennifer Lopez, and TV-personality Khloe Kardashian - have styled part or all of their homes in a French fashion. With its time-worn furniture, curved lines, pastel colors, and intricate decor, the beauty and stylishness of French design will likely last through the ages.

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