September 25, 2016

Four Very Important Stages If You're Moving

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It's the end of the month, your old lease is up and you're getting ready to relocate to your new place. We understand that the prospect of starting from scratch is both exciting and daunting, and the biggest challenge of all will be designing and decorating your new home. But fear not - the Homewings team have you covered. We’ve put our brains together and come up with 6 important interior design guidelines to follow when moving...

1. Know your space and make a plan

Before you think about whipping out the paint or ripping down walls, take a long look at the space in front of you. What original aspects can you work with? What are you itching to get rid of? Chances are, you've already analysed and reimagined the space, but now is the time to sit down and make a plan. This will give you a clear idea of what you want as well as what your space can truly offer. One of the first stages is figuring out what your interior style is. This can be tricky, but our simple Style Quiz can help you make the right decision for you.

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2. Determine what you need and what you don’t

If you are moving to a smaller place there might be items that simply wont fit, or that won't mesh well with the new look you're going for. Don't panic - part of designing a new space is learning to let go of certain pieces that don't quite fit into your artistic vision anymore, whilst at the same time embracing new and exciting styles (and all of the pieces that come with it). On the other hand, if you’ve moved - for example - from an apartment to a house, you might need to do a shopping trip or two. So figure out what are necessities and what would be overkill.


3. Do it - You’ve made a plan.

You’ve gotten - or gotten rid of - some stuff, so now what? Start by cleaning the space; dusting, vacuuming, even wiping the walls down if you’re planning on painting. Step two: figure out which room is going to be the toughest and tackle that one first. Once you’ve set up the most challenging room the rest will be easy. Wait until the end to deal with the minor details like setting up lamps and plant pots and focus first on getting your big pieces in the right places.

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4 Enjoy your space, but be open to change

Once you’ve finished decorating your place in a way that you like, let the dust settle and live with it for a little while. There is a chance that the things you don't like about your space could eventually grow on you. Equally, some aspects of the space that you initially liked could prove to be different than you imagined. Luckily, the nice thing about interior design is that it can always be changed. So, be wholeheartedly open to the idea of change and renovation, but take some time first to get used to your newly-designed space and ensure that change is what you want.

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Finding these tips helpful for your upcoming or recent move? Then why not collaborate with a Homewings designer to get a helping hand and keen eye.

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