March 03, 2018

Four Clever Hacks to Decorate a Nursery by Homewings CEO and Mum of Three Cornelia de Ruiter

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We invite you into baby Helena’s brand new nursery, where Cornelia shares her top tips for keeping your baby’s room chic and efficient. Spoiler alert: Number 3 will make your life so much easier.

1 | Grey is Your Friend

“The bubblegum pink you love now will be giving you a migraine in 6 months” warns Cornelia. You will need to be in the room almost as much as your baby, so make sure you opt for a colour that also works for you! Her secret to bright colours that won’t get old is to stick to shades with Grey undertone. “If you’re going for a pink, make sure you choose a colour that has a good amount of grey in it. This will calm it down a little bit.”

Suggested colours: Pink Nevada 6 and Satin Bow (used by Cornelia)

2 | Doing It Yourself

“Making things for the nursery is a way of connecting” says Cornelia. “My sons made these papier mache animal masks, my mother - who is an artist - made the incredible mobile and the mirror just had a boring frame before I decorated it - it just took a hot glue gun!”

The masks took a little more effort, but here’s a super handy Wiki how tutorial.

3 | Sofa Bed = Not Having to Choose Between Guest Room And Nursery

In Helena’s nursery, Cornelia opted for the Brooke 3-seater powder pink sofa from Maisons du Monde instead of the traditional nursing chair, and you will want to as well. “Many of us Londoners are tight on space and do not have the luxury to magically add a room or move home to accommodate for a new baby. Helena’s nursery used to be the guest room - and one that we felt strongly should continue to see guests pass through it. So, I opted for a sofa bed instead of a nursing chair. Aside from being very comfortable, the fact we can still have friends stay is a huge joy for us.”

4 | Say no to Baby Furniture. Say Yes to Getting Crafty With What You Have.

At Homewings, we like being extra scrappy with our furniture, making sure we get as much use of it as possible. Although you will need a crib, when it came to storage, it’s all about up cycling and working with what you already have. “I created a modular changing table for Helena’s nursery with a large ‘adult size’ chest of drawers. I painted it and topped it off with a larger surface on which to place the bassinets. Because this section is removable, and the drawers are so big, it will stay with her for year and years. Don’t underestimate the amount of storage you will need.”

The biggest mistake you can make when shopping for a nursery is shopping with a tiny human in mind. From the moment your little one comes home from the hospital, those drawers will fill up a little more every day. “They may be small, but babies need a lot of stuff!” Another great addition to Helena’s nursery comes in the form of a coat hanger on which Cornelia can organise her outfits for the week (complete with the warning, “You wake her, you keep her!”).

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