March 12, 2019

How to run your Serviced Apartments from the beach - our favourite tools for systemising your business

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Have you heard that saying: if you can think of it, then it’s already an app. There are now tons of tools to help you set up and maintain a successful listing, but to us, there are some that really stand out, and fast become important parts of short-let life. Here are a few of our favourites!


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What we love most about this app is that they spent two years refining and Beta testing all the features, making the interface super slick and user friendly! The app is all about short-let management, and making that as easy as possible. Through their platform, you can improve rental yields and automate time-consuming management processes. This includes offering guests services such as easy self-check-ins, and hosts the opportunity to up-sell curated services and experiences directly to guests – importantly, up-sale revenue earned goes directly to the owner, commission free. Other features include in app video welcome, home guide and local guide.

“We wanted to create a cutting edge tool that harnesses the latest in mobile technology, enabling hosts to save time and earn better margins while giving guests an amazing set of experiences during their stay. The short-let sector is competitive and GuestHug gives landlords the edge they need to stand out from the crowd. As a professional host myself I couldn't find a low cost management solution that streamlined processes and delivered on guest experience, so instead we decided to build it ourselves!”


Many apps deal with the scheduling aspects of hosting, but Tokeet is a personal favourite: the interface is attractive and colourful, and functions well. You can input all your bookings into this one app, which then rolls out that information across your linked platforms, so you know that availability will be accurate across your network. Other features include sending invoices, and receiving payments. They currently offer a 15-day free trial, so it’s not a bad time to check them out.

Just Move In

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Just Move In is a home-mover concierge service, saving time, hassle and money when it comes to tasks like selecting energy suppliers. The service is a blend of technology, with a personable human element. Every customer is assigned a dedicated concierge manager to help with their move and property, and to assist in making individual recommendations on a broad range of services. The company is also a certified B-Corp, one of 2,500 in the world, that work in an ethical and transparent way with a consideration of the impact on society and the environment.

"At Just Move In we appreciate that moving is a very stressful time whether it's your first time moving or you've experience moving before, our approach is to offer a professional and highly personal service that reduces the time and hassle with our customers move administration. A short call with one of our concierge managers on average saves 8 hours of our customers time in notifying and setting up suppliers in their new property."


EMS Distribution offers the perfect solution to the key saga. It provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. All that is needed is an online device with an internet connection. There is no need for drilling or wires, just a simple cylinder replacement. EMS supply a broad and versatile product range to fit any door, both new and retrofitted. Simple ability to remotely open doors, activate tags, programme tags and never have to drop keys off or pick them up. You can also receive alerts if a door has been left open, unlocked or had access attempts by a user without permission. A lost key is also an issue of the past with real time tag blocking. This is a safer and more secure access solution.

“A big security risk when short-letting properties is not knowing whether your keys have been copied or compromised. The Salto KS product not only allows you to open doors remotely, but gives you peace of mind that access hasn’t been compromised.”


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We think this company is brilliant. While a regular home insurance policy won’t pay out for anything that happens while sharers are in your home, Guardhog will. They’ve created a tailored service for hosts, covering them from theft or damage while they have someone staying in their property. Whenever you have someone staying in your home, you simply let Guardhog know on the app, and you’ll be covered. We never thought insurance would evolve to be this nifty, but it just goes to show the level of innovation in the property sector.

“Even better, you can sign up for ‘Autohog’ which connects with your Airbnb Calendar and automatically puts cover in place when you get a booking – you only pay for cover on the days you have a booking. And it’s cheap – on average around £1.50 per night for the Host Cover.”

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