August 21, 2018

Differentiate with design and increase returns on your Airbnb listing

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Hosts in the home sharing economy often make the mistake of viewing interior design as a time-consuming and costly addition to their offering. However, this can be one of the smartest uses of capital for a short-let investor.

Given that most properties listed on home-sharing platforms score very high ratings, hosts need to find alternative ways to make their listing stand out from the rest. The key is to offer guests the best customer experience possible, and turning a property into a destination through interior design is one of the easiest ways to make a lasting impression. Contrary to popular belief, it needn’t be an expensive or lengthy process! Home-sharing platforms are highly visual - travellers rely on photographic evidence as one of the main surrogates to assess the quality of a property. It is easy to see why the most popular listings always feature professional photographs of professionally designed interiors.

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When designing for a short-let rental, it is vital to cater to the target audience. Location plays a big role in defining who will stay in the property and what kind of design would appeal to them. For example, an edgy and industrial studio is likely to perform better in East London than in Chelsea, while the opposite would be true for a sleek and contemporary three-bedroom flat. We make it our business to understand our client’s audience in depth, using market insights to identify accurate buyer profiles. Our unique geographic style and purchasing data ensures our design concepts are tailored to the preferences of a specific property’s audience in order to attract the right guests and increase the rental occupancy rate.

Our team of designers and industry professionals leverage their expertise to deliver results for short-let investors. Before designing his flat, the owner of a studio apartment in Hackney was failing to achieve the required return on his property. Upon completion of the project, the host received a huge influx of enquiries on the studio, which allowed him to charge a 22% higher nightly fee (from £95 to £116 per night). He also saw an 18% increase on his year-on-year occupancy rate.

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Unique, data-driven design can help create a comfortable and memorable experience for your guests, increasing your property’s rating and how much guests are willing to pay for their stay. Enquire now to learn how our team of industry experts can help you achieve a higher return on investment.

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