Designer Spotlight: Olga Jarvis

Olga's philosophy can be summed up in one word: bespoke. From her incredible attention to detail, to her personal, and client-centric service – Olga represents the best of interior design.

She heads up her Chelsea design studio, Boucle Design, with the utmost focus. A graduate of KLC School of Design, Olga, has spent her time in the industry working at high-end interior design companies, and has become a master of the bespoke.

Her experiences span multiple geographies, having personally completed designs in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Moscow and most recently, London. Her wider industry experience saw her work on projects in the luxurious Hyde Park Gardens, Ebury Street, as well as a major project in Oman. Olga is truly a designer of the world. She has lived in a number of countries in Europe and Asia, and has travelled to more than 50 countries around the world. This global lifestyle has shaped her unique style which provides an innovative and fresh view on life and design.

Olga's Design Style in 3 words:

"Dedicated, Passionate and Brave."

What’s your favourite space to design?

"No two spaces are the same, and I always like to work with a variety of spaces. It's always exciting to work on a bathroom for half a day then a living room for the other half. That's why I love my job"

What inspires you the most in your design work?

"The excitement of the final results, happy clients, and continuous self-development."

If you could travel in time - what era would you want to live (and design) in?

"I would travel to the Roman era, and design a Roman villa."

What are your top tips for making a statement?

"Use different types of natural fabric, amazing window treatment, clever lighting, use of mirrors, and natural flowers."

What's your latest interior style crush?

"Wallpaper - the new fashion – there are some amazing new styles to make a stunning room!"

If you could only decorate with one colour for the rest of your life - what would it be?

"Taupe. The most elegant colour for any interior!"

What drew you to become an interior designer?

"I always had a passion for making my house outstanding, by using my creative abilities, applying a visual and physical solution to design challenges. Wherever we go, it’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed; it can be a hotel or a home but the design is so vital."

What are the most common interior design myths?

"That you can save money by doing interior design yourself, and that anybody can be an Interior Designer!"

Dream big – fictional or factual, dead or alive – what would your dream design project be, and who would you be designing for?

"Grace Kelly - so elegant and stylish. It would be such an honour to design a space for her."

Tell us about a project that you feel has shaped you as a designer.

"I once worked on a project where the client loved Swarovski crystals, and wanted to have everything with sparkles. It was a challenge to create a design space where such crystals could be incorporated [without taking over the space]."

In your opinion, what makes a house a home?

"Personal items - beautiful frames that hold photos of friends and family."


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