Designer Spotlight: Julian Maison

Introducing one of our great new Homewings designers, Julian Maison. Julian lives between Brazil, Poland, and the UK. He has a varied and interesting background in design - working in interior retail, furniture restoration and on his very own line of milk paint. He has studied at the highly prestigious design school, The Inchbald in Chelsea, so we're excited to ask him a few questions!

1. What drew you to become an interior designer?

Apart from a family background in art-design-architecture, I have always sought beautiful things, and making or bringing together of beautiful spaces, it is what has always inspired me most. What I wake up to and go to sleeping thinking about.

2 Image @ maisonemaison

2. In your experience, what concerns clients the most when they begin a design project?

I find that clients often lack faith in the designer, and whatever crazy ideas may arise in the initial conceptualisation of a project. Like concept cars, interior concepts can be a little radical, but it’s part of the creation process, it’s how you come to the best solution. Clients need not to panic, it’s just a passing thought, often testing the waters, before coming to a solution.

3. What are the most common interior design myths?

That one needs hefty sums in order to have a great space. Not true, with creativity, being open to ideas, a little time, patience, and working at it, you can achieve great things! Another myth is that a family of 5 people can share a minimalist house. Not true. It will look like a train wreck almost all the time.

4. What has been your most rewarding project to date?

The most rewarding project was for a boutique hotel named Butterfly House in Brazil. The client encouraged creativity and actively pushed for more creative ideas all the time. Materials were sourced from a few different corners of the world, and brought to my warehouse near the site. I was involved in every detail from start to finish. Most of the furniture was made or refinished in the hotel or nearby in the workshop, so each piece was unique!

4 Image @ butterfly house, bahia

5. If you had to pick an era to live and design in, which would it be?

As a boy, I always wanted to design a castle, I actually completed a design with village and all - so far, no takers! Now that I’m not such a child anymore, I'm happy to be in a period of time where we can indulge in a multitude of styles. That being said, I suppose I would go for early Victorian as I can identify with its eclecticism.

To see more of Julians work visit his website here.


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