Designer Spotlight: Gemma Rowland

Introducing Homewings interior designer Gemma Rowland! Gemma studied set design at Nottingham Trent University before adding a further qualification in interior design from JD Campus, London. She has a professional background in technical drawing and always impresses us with her strong visualisations that brings her Homewings designs to life.

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Interior designer Homewings Interior designer, Gemma Rowland

"I’m inspired by the successful juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional décor and passionate about creating stylish, individually tailored spaces to suit your every need."  

1. What drew you to become an interior designer?

My love of design began at an early age. I loved drawing and crafting, using colour and getting my hands dirty. Art and design was my favourite subject, but I was drawn more towards design because of its problem solving aspect. The thing about interior design is it's not just about aesthetics, it's about the way it can make a person feel. Your home environment can have a considerable impact on your everyday mood. Besides, what could be more important than the space you spend everyday in?!

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2. What final design details pack the biggest punch?

The mix of textures are vital to creating a beautiful space and can have a dramatic impact on the feel of the room. You can have a neutral space that looks a bit bland, but add a mix of textures, still in neutral colours, and you get a room with balance and personality. Accessories are also key, they are the finishing touches that can make or break a design.

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3. In your experience, what concerns clients most when they begin a project with you?

I think sometimes it’s hard for people to put their whole trust in you. They worry that you won’t be able to interpret their taste or you’ll pick out something really wacky and out there- because you’re a designer! Once you’ve had that initial chat with them and they realise that interior design isn’t just for the elite, they start to relax and that’s when the fun begins!

3 Image @ Gemma's design portfolio

4. What are the most common interior design myths?

Similar to what I was saying earlier, I think the biggest one is that interior design is only for the rich and famous. Everybody needs a little help from time to time, especially if you’re working with a particularly awkward space. Your interior designer isn’t there just to make things look pretty, they can also help you with the practicality and functionality of a space. Homewings is very reasonably priced for the experience you receive and hopefully will be a step forward in disproving this faux pas.

2 Image @ Gemma's design portfolio

5. If you had to pick an era to live and design in, what would it be?

If I had to pick an era it would definitely be Georgian - I already have a natural beauty spot so I’d fit in perfectly! I love, love, love Georgian properties, with their perfect symmetry and ornate architectural detail. Those big sash windows make for plenty of natural light, which is always at the top of a designer's wish list and those high ceilings are to die for. I’m a big fan of period properties. Not too sure about the wigs though!

5 Image @ Gemma's design portfolio

For more of Gemma's work visit her website

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