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Designer Spotlight: Charlie T.

Our residernt Plant mama, Charlie

At Homewings, we know that we would be nothing without our incredible, talented and endlessly driven designers. Today, we would like to introduce you to our resident Yorkshire girl and expert on all things houseplants; the incomparable Charlie T. of @oh.charlie_

What made you decide to become an interior designer?

I have never not wanted to be an interior designer! It is something I have always known I have a true passion and admiration for. I dabbled in both product design and a career in the arts, but I always knew that where I belonged was in my little interior design fuelled bubble.

How would you describe your design style?

I would describe my style as natural eclectic, I love texture, natural and earthy products and plants – oh, all the plants! I also love a good bit of design history so I always try to incorporate a historical piece or two in to all my designs.

Tell us about your favourite Homewings project

My favourite Homewings project would have to be a super fun spare-bedroom-come-snug-sanctuary for an amazing client a few months ago. They really wanted to create a space that was both relaxing and useable, but they had a few size restraints so it was all about walking the line between cosy and cluttered and both the client and I were thrilled with the final result!

Would you say you have a specific area of expertise?

I would say that my speciality is 100% in natural and tactile interiors. Bringing an interior to life and the outside in. I feel like I have a real nack for keeping things balanced, while being aware of the space’s surroundings. I love taking inspiration from the property itself or even the local area.

Charlie’s Designer De-Bunk: What’s the most common interior design myth?

One of the interior design myths that is so wrong is that more is better when it comes to decor. With decor, you want to keep it selective and special. A few key pieces are going to shine so much more than a jumble sale of objects.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

The perfect Sunday for me is a morning in bed on Pinterest, then a cheeky breakfast – something like croissants or a danish...or 3! Then a long walk with my fantastic other half.

If you weren’t an interior designer - what would you want to be?

I have always wanted to be a teacher and if I hadn’t come down the interior design path I would totally be teaching woodwork or design tech. I found out a lot about my creative persona whilst studying and I think its great to inspire and motivate younger individuals!

What is your favourite type of space to design?

My all time favourite space to design is one that the owner has fallen out of love with, there's nothing more satisfying than bringing a space back to life and seeing the client fall in love with their home all over again.

Charlie’s Top Tips: Making a Small Space Look Bigger

  1. Go for furniture with legs, this will elevate the pieces and create voids of space underneath the furniture in turn creating the illusion that the room is much more spacious and full of little pockets of extra space!

  2. Keep it light, stick to light coloured paint and wallpaper, personally I think pale lime-wash works amazingly like this beauty from little Greene in a small space allowing light to bounce around the room making it appear much larger than reality!

  3. stay away from dark and heavy fabrics, especially around windows as it will give a feeling of constraint. Instead, use lightweight and breezy fabrics such as linen to open up the space, reflect light, and add a feeling of wonderful airiness. This simple tip also works for soft furnishings: Go for lighter fabrics for both cushion covers and throws.

And if you need even more tips check out this handy article I wrote for the HW magazine!


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