Designer spotlight: Jane Anderson


A graduate of KLC School of Design, Jane started her career with The London Furnishing Company creating design packages and styling high-end London homes to be put on the property market. It was here that she discovered her passion for styling interiors and she has never looked back.Whether her project is a one-bedroom flat or a five-bedroom Victorian townhouse, Jane is passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that work amazingly for her clients.

1. How would you decorate your home for your dream party?

Fabulous question! I really enjoy having friends ‘round for parties - especially dinner parties! I want to make my friends feel super welcome and relaxed so the main element of design for me is in the styling and accessorising of my home. Plenty of candles always create an elegant and cosy ambience, as well as comfy cushions and throws.

2. What small design details pack the biggest punch?

Artwork, paint, wallpaper, lighting and accessories are the key to packing the punch at the end of each project! Once all these finishing touches have been added, clients are always delighted.

3. What would be your ideal project?

It’s wonderful when I have a client who is just as enthusiastic about the process as I am. Understanding and creating a client's vision is very rewarding, so when a client is really passionate about their space as well – big or small - it’s an absolute delight!

4. If you had to pick an era to live and design in, what would it be?

My work is really inspired by the Georgian period. I think that mixing the old with the new works really well. I love the Georgian high ceiling, mouldings and classic style, which is all about grandeur and comfort.

5. Describe a time you’ve had to really roll your sleeves up

I was running a project which was a full-on renovation. I was in there working with the builders when it was a shell so had the hard hat and wellies on. During the installations I was the one moving furniture and rugs around. It was a sweaty job and really not at all glamorous, but this project was one of my favourites as the end result was so powerful.


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