Designer Portrait: Issy Rush Jansen


Issy trained in Interior Architecture and Design in Chelsea and enjoys working on all types of projects, from residential, to bars and restaurants. She takes a creative approach and creates unique original and personal designs.

1. How would you decorate your home for your dream party?

I believe in dressing your home beautifully as a part of everyday living, so parties shouldn't be too much extra trouble! However, tall elegant vases in glass or silver, long stem flowers like white orchids and twinkle lights hung through twisted willow always create that feeling of effortless style and celebration.

2. What small design details pack the biggest punch?

Accent Colours! Using neutrals with a quirky accent colour is a good way of bringing in colour without being dominated by it and it always brings character to a room.

Lighting! Lighting makes a huge difference. Really thinking through how light works within a space and the mood you are trying to achieve is key in creating that 'wow' factor feel. Uplighting windows or french doors always looks fabulous.

Accessorising! A few well placed eclectic or statement pieces can really bring that unique and individual feel to a room. Be bold and trust your instincts!

3. What would be your ideal project?

I've been lucky enough to work on some great projects but what I love most is working to create something truly unique for each client.

4. If you had to pick an era to live and design in, what would it be?

I'm a huge fan of everything from classical architecture to mid century minimalist design. I really couldn't choose an era, but I do like transitional design, which is a lovely mix of classical design with a contemporary twist.

5. Describe a time you’ve had to really roll your sleeves up

Finding 45 bespoke Carrera marble table tops for a restaurant at short notice as someone drove into the back of the delivery van en route from Rome was interesting! But usually my jobs run smoothly and all types of difficulties can be avoided with proper attention to detail and planning.

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