December 06, 2016

Decorating The Perfect Christmas Table

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Whether you’re having an intimate family gathering or feeding the entire neighbourhood, you’ll need a table as festive as the night. The Homewings team is here to help you make your Christmas table beautiful.

1. Centre of attention

To maximise the beauty of your Christmas table, we would firstly recommend that you serve plates in the kitchen, so that the food doesn’t need to sit on the table. You now have enough space to make a charming centrepiece to match your decorations. You could make the base of your display a big scented candle, or maybe a bouquet of branches you collected, with baubles hanging. On a dry winter day it would be a fun activity for the family to go on a lovely walk and compete to find the nicest winter foliage for the table. Go bold, and go big!

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2. Personal Christmas Crackers

To have that personal touch at your meal, you could hand-make Christmas crackers for everyone. Bonus points if you personalise each gift according to a specific person!

Making crackers are easy, you will need:

  • Toilet roll
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Cracker snaps
  • Wrapping paper
  • Small gifts

Thread a cracker snap (you can buy these online) through the loo roll and tape to the middle. Roll the tube in some wrapping paper (longer than the tube, so can tie the ends) and secure with tape. Twist one end of the wrapping paper until you get the classic cracker shape on one side, secure with ribbon. The other end is open for you to add your personal gifts inside! Tie the other end as done previously.

Top gift ideas to get your imagination flowing;

  • Homemade ginger bread stars
  • A compliment (in place of the joke)
  • Name letter charm

3. Lighting is king

This Christmas, ditch the harsh overhead lights, and switch to a warm, yellowy hue. Opt for many little lights rather than one large, bright light. You could bring in lamps, fairy lights and light some candles. By having these tones for your Christmas meal, you set a warm and cosy mood. The yellow tone also evokes conversation, so there will never be a dull moment!

4 Image: Twitter

4. That smell reminds me of...

Christmas time has that certain smell doesn’t it?

The smell of spices puts anyone in the Christmas mindset. Make the evening memorable by smell and place some scent boosts around the table. You could serve mulled wine, burn cinnamon flavoured candles and entwine homemade orange and clove pomanders into the greenery on your table. Give your guests a truly sensual Christmas!

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Do you need a hand with getting your dining room Christmas ready for friends and family? Why not collaborate with one of our fantastic designers to get it looking at its absolute best.

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