December 06, 2016

Christmas decorating on a budget

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December inevitably turns into a rather expensive month for us all, making the holiday season a stressful one. We want to share some tips with you to be able to give your home that Christmassy feel without the high cost.

1. Change up the textiles

Changing up the colours and patterns of your cushion covers and throws can make a big difference! For Christmas, bring in gold, green or red tones to help you give the accent of Christmas in a subtle and elegant way. This is a really good and reasonable way to change the entire feel of a room, bridging it over to a winter vibe.

2 Image: Country living

2. Handmade decorations

You don’t need to miss out on admiring the gorgeous decorations in the shops, but instead of putting them in your basket, how about drawing inspiration from what is out there and having a go at making your own? This is a fun and hands-on way to keep costs down this Christmas. Use spray paint to make dried leaves gold and hang them from the doorway. Get out your cookbooks and make some edible Christmas tree decorations, such as gingerbread reindeers. Have a rummage through any old clothes/ textiles and make stockings to hang on the fireplace. Gather some great friends and family, and make a day of crafts!

3 Image: Etsy/ Paper lanterns

3. Branch and Berry Bouquet

Foraging is essential for this idea. Grab some wellingtons and secateurs and go for a nice walk in the woods. Set yourself up with a vague idea of what you are looking for, keeping in mind the colours of the room and vase. Then see what you can find, collecting leaves and berries to match that compliment each other. Gather up some long, thin branches to bulk up the display. When you get home, get your large vase out and start with placing the branches in first. You now have the base to your bouquet, and you can decorate and accent with your berries, leaves and baubles. This is a cost effective way of bringing the feeling of Christmas to a room.

4 Image: Nordic design/ Dreamy whites

4. Spice it up

To truly master an atmosphere of Christmas, you could appeal to your senses and create the quintessential spicy Christmas smell. A potpourri can be made on your stovetop and you can use whatever you have available at home- pine, oranges, cloves or cinnamon are best for the classic smell. The aroma will burst into your home and it will feel instantly like Christmas.

Source: Half Baked Harvest

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