August 03, 2016

Create an unforgettable entrance with Art!

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Can you clearly remember the moment you stepped into your favourite place?

First impressions are so important, which in a home starts at the entrance! Nothing sets the ambience better than works of art that reflect the personality of your household. So be brave with your art choices and choose something that will make that first impression truly unforgettable.

We have invited our good friends from Rise Art to share their expertise on creating an unforgettable entrance with art:

1. Capture the eye

A large, brightly coloured piece of work draws you into the house and lengthens or elongates the space depending on its orientation. Pick a strong, bold artwork that will grab attention, hold the eye and set the mood for the rest of the home.

Monet Monet Monet by Wayne Sleeth available at Rise Art Monet Monet Monet by Wayne Sleeth available at Rise Art

2. A salon hang

A curated salon hang in a corridor entrance brings interest and life to what could otherwise be considered a mundane space. When putting together a salon hang it’s a good idea to lay out the works of art on the floor and plan where everything will go.

Bottom right: Untitled, #3 by Pak Keung Wan, available at Rise Art Bottom right: Untitled, #3 by Pak Keung Wan available at Rise Art

3. Open plan

A lot of new homes are open plan with no specific entrance hallway. In these spaces art can clearly designate and divide the space without walls.

Left: Prunus Serrulate by Robert Pereira Hind Right: Ce matin, j'ai encore rêvé de toi by Nadege Druzkowski available at Rise Art

Rise Art's panel of art world insiders and in-house curators select talented independent artists, helping you to discover the art that you love.

Still feeling unsure about putting these tips into action? Work with a Homewings designer to get it right from choosing art and accessories to a furniture placement plan!

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