January 26, 2017

Contemporary Chic : Ultimately timeless design

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In the spirit of all that is timeless and chic, we took a peak inside VIP Homewings designer Lyndall Fernie's flagship project on Bancroft Avenue, and learned more about one of our favourite interior styles: Contemporary Chic.

All Images: Bancroft Ave. Designer by Lyndall Fernie

Lyndall Fernie Luxury designer Premium VIP Homewings Designer, Lyndall Fernie

Lyndall has an undeniable talent for designing contemporary interior spaces. Using light as her guiding tool, she creates homes that are both functional, and luxurious. She specialises in high-end and timeless interiors, categorised by a sense of understated elegance.

Effortlessly uniting modern materials with plush accessories and furnishings, the true signature of Lyndall's aesthetic is that the 'Vavavoom' never overwhelms. Always meticulously contained, and never loosing sight of the integrity and comfort of a space.

Contemporary interior design Bancroft Avenue Living Room, Designed by Lyndall

We asked Lyndall about a full-home renovation she has recently completed, to find out how Contemporary Chic can be implemented to suit the wonderful everyday...

What was your main source of inspiration for the project?

"My Clients. They wanted something sophisticated, timeless, modern, and practical, with a sense of understated luxury."

Tell us a little about the process - where did you start with your design after you got the brief?

"First, I created a concept board which sets the overall look of the house, giving the sorts of colours, textures and shapes to be used. I then started planning the layout at scale 1:50 scale to be sure that the space flows from room to room."

What are you most proud of, now that the home is finished?

"I love the bespoke shelving in the dining room! It was created to house the clients specific ornaments."

In your teachings, what is the key message you hope all your students will take away from learning from you?

"How to design a space that is both beautiful and practical."

Luxurious yet light; Contemporary Chic is aspirational design at its finest. It takes a seasoned hand to master it. And interior designer Kelly Hoppen also showcases this mastery of 'chic' in a fantastic way.

Taupe Kelly Hoppen bedroom Source: Cotton Casa

Kelly Hoppen stays true to the core values of the Contemporary Chic style, with the key being the balance of high quality, simplicity and timeless elegance. One of Kelly's 'musts' is a clean palette.

"Being so versatile, [neutral colours like] taupe lends itself brilliantly to creating layers of contrast. Layering textures of taupe instantly adds depth and warmth - think linen on velvet, or taupe cushions on taupe bedspreads"

While her design expertise is very exclusive (like, Victoria-Beckham-level exclusive), Kelly is passionate about making her design ethos accessible to the masses with a range of soft furnishings - and we love her for it! At Homewings, we maintain that interior design should be for everyone, and Kelly does just that (while also creating spaces like this)...

Kelly hoppen chic contemporary interiors Source: The Telegraph

Kelly hoppen chic contemporary interiors Source: Mel Yates

Luxurious, clean, simple, yet opulent.

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