April 20, 2018

De-Stress Your Home: Our Easy Guide to Clean Living, by Design

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Let's face it - it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in our high-speed-everything world. So, in the spirit of all that is zen, we’re bring you and your home some well deserved headspace. From the bedroom to the kitchen to all the spaces in between, here's how to kick the stress one room at a time.

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1 | Give Yourself Some Living Room

Living rooms have a way of taking the life out of you (lving, live - pun most certainly intended). The first step to a cleaner life is a cleaner home.

The Spacial Detox

First things first: get into a cleansing mindset. Go through your living room - cardboard boxes in hand - and strip it back to the bare furniture. Put every knick-knack, book and photo away, until you're left with nothing but your furniture.

Next, return to your boxes and start sorting. Each time you pick up an item, ask yourself "does this make me feel good?" - if so, keep it (think: photos of your family, or pretty books that you did, buy because of their covers). This technique will work wonders. You will only be left with things that are either visually or emotionally appealing.

Smart Storage

Invest in a storage bench (if you have room), or some beautiful boxes that fit on your shelves, or even under your coffee table. These are your 'miscellaneous' boxes. If you have nothing to put in them now - hold tight. You will. Living room clutter has a way of catching up with us and you will thank yourself for being prepared.

Source: Flux Decor; Ikea

Filling vs. Decorating

This is the fun bit. Start decorating your space, (not filling it) with everything that passed your 'happy test'. You'll notice yourself curating your shelves. Don't worry about alphabetising your books, or making sure you can see every photo perfectly - just go with the flow of what looks beautiful to you. As humans, most of our cognitive reasoning - and as a result, wellbeing - is linked to visual stimulants. What you will be left with is a space that is more than just de-cluttered; it will be a space that makes you feel great!

Source: Style Me Pretty; Decoist

2 | Create a Sleep Room, Not a Bedroom.

True story: A human can stay alive without eating longer than without sleeping. It's quite literally what keeps us alive. And yet, we have become very good at injecting stress into every thread of our modern-day bedrooms...

Cancel Out the Noise

It seems almost too easy, but cancelling out all the little noises that creep into our bedrooms will lead to better sleep. By adding a thick rug, you can dramatically improve the sound proofing around you.

Source: Brit Morin via Pinterest

Opt for a shearling faux-fur rug, and it will instantly give your room a sense of warmth and calm, while also sound-proofing.

Mirrors (A.K.A: Two Windows For The Price of One)

Most of us use the mirror in our bedroom as a necessary tool to execute our daily morning routines, but they can do so much more. Invest in a second mirror, and place it in such a way that it reflects a source of natural light. This will instantly give your room an extra boost of brightness, and a sense of openness that will leave you feeling twice as happy and energised!

Source: Kate M; My Domaine

Get Floral

Flowers have been shown to improve our mood in countless ways, engaging 3 of our 5 senses. However, if you find having fresh flowers as more of an annoying roommate than a pleasant decoration,(what with having to constantly look after them and all),opt for a lavender scented candle or a lovely bouquet of good quality fake flowers instead. All of the benefits, none of the hassle.

Source: Mademoiselle Robot; Abigail Lewis

3 | De-stress Your Bathroom

"Tonight, I'm going to take a bath": the ubiquitous way to de-stress after a day of life laughing at our plans. However, regardless of the activities we partake in when in the space, bathrooms have become purely utilitarian spaces in our homes. And often, this means zero zen.

Bring the Outside, in.

The first key to de-stressing your bathroom is bringing it back to soothing materials and colours. Incorporate wood elements to give it a zen, and natural feel. This is also true with plants. Think: small cactuses in wooden pots, or a bright Aloe Vera plant in the corner (don't worry - these are the ultimate low-maintenance greenery combo).

Source: Digdigs; The future kept; Uye Surana; Sheer Lux

The Art of Relaxing

Going back to surrounding yourself with beautiful things - pull your bathroom together with a piece of art, a poster or a print that just makes you happy. This may not be a design tip, but optimising your products for pampering will leave you feeling amazing. Treat yourself to that incredible body scrub, invest in a lavender scented bath oil, or a cluster of scented candles.

Source: Bathrooms & More Store; My Domain

4 | Clean in The Kitchen

True Story No. 2: No matter how relaxing your bedroom, or how tidy your living room - the clean-living-magic also has to take place in the kitchen.

Source: Everdine - Clean Eating Made Simple

Clean eating has the power to transform your body from the inside out. In layman's terms, clean eating is a way of nourishing your body with everything that is good for it, using food as a sort of medicine for all of our petty ever-day ailments. Eating clean allows you to unleash and leverage the full power of food.

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