May 30, 2016

Cheap and cheerful ways to update your interiors

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There are so many beautiful things in the world of interior design, it’s understandable that it can be overwhelming when you see how pricey these pieces can be!

It’s not easy to put aside vast sums of money to decorate your home. And for some of us, our tastes can swing from one look to completely different one within a short space of time - meaning that we frequently want a complete and utter refresh.

Whether you’re saving up to really do up your interior space, or you’re someone who likes regular interior updates, knowing some affordable tips and tricks on how you can decorate your home can be useful.

1. Shop markets, charity shops, garage sales

These are all great sources for cheap furniture and accessories. You want to keep your eye out for items which have a great shape. You can always then re-upholster with a gorgeous fabric of your choice, or look to spray paint or paint over it for a completely new look. This is definitely one of my favourite kind of updates - the difference can be truly amazing! What’s even better is that what you’ve created then becomes a completely one-off, unique piece - priceless!

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2. Shop the high street

There are some great options on the high street that are really very affordable. I would suggest taking a look at the cushions and soft furnishings at H&M they always have some great bits that are incredibly on trend. If you missed it - I wrote about my top picks on the high street a couple of months ago. Check it out here

3. Think about the accessories

The idea behind this is to think about creating little pockets of carefully curated accessories around a room. How about artfully stacking books that you already own? Such an easy (and completely free!) style solution.

Also, think about what you’re putting up on your walls. Personally, I love wooden poster hangers. Using these mean that you can effortlessly switch up the artwork on your walls without much fuss at all!

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4. Switch things up

Take a look at your existing furniture. Do you have something put away in storage that can be taken out and given a new lease of life? Can a rug that you own be cleaned up and hung up on the wall as an art piece? Or how about moving pieces from one room to another - it might sound simple, but this can totally change the look and feel of your home and make you look at things with a new eye.

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Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple, quick, cheap fixes in the interim whilst you save up to design your home. Or if you’re more of a design butterfly, jumping from one style to another it’s handy to know how you can do this in an affordable way. Give the above tips a go and keep us posted with how you get on! Happy designing!

Shari Chan is a recent interior design graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design, with an amazing talent for discovering beauty in the most unique pieces. Lucky for you, Shari is continuously providing design inspiration on the Homewings Magazine alongside her Homewings projects!

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