Save or Splurge? How to Buy the Perfect Sofa

In the past year, sofas have become the most frequently purchased items in Homewings clients’ shopping lists and it’s easy to see why. They are the focal points of our living rooms, serving as the unofficial sponsors of movie nights ...

How to buy the perfect sofa, habitat, couch, gey
by Homewings Editorial Team in Interior design 101, Shopping Guides

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Interior Trends for Summer

We're all getting familiar with the warm(ish) breeze and the lull of Spring but let's face it, the allure of Summer is even more appealing. We all know the standard rules of Summer; Glorious garden parties, ice creams from the ...

Interior trends for summer
by Charlie Thomas in Interior design 101, Shopping Guides

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Kourtney Kardashian's Home: Get the Look

Whether we love them or hate them, we all have opinions on the Kardashians. Especially in the interior design world. Why? Because Kourtney Kardashian’s home is every interior designer’s guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, we are not a Kardashian. But at Homewings, ...

by Homewings Editorial Team in Shopping Guides

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Top 5 Designer Picks: Smart Storage

Free interior design advice? Yes, pelase! It sometimes feels like we are constantly cleaning and reorganising our homes, so we asked 3 of our talented Homewings designers to give us their top storage picks to keep your home feeling decluttered, ...

by Homewings Editorial Team in Design inspiration, Shopping Guides

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5 Steps to your Dream Kitchen, on a Budget.

Ah, kitchens – the proverbial heart of the home. With open-plan living becoming the new normal, we spend the majority of our time living in them, or looking at them. And yet, kitchens often get no love. Renovating a kitchen ...

by Homewings Editorial Team in Design inspiration, Interior design 101, Shopping Guides

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