July 01, 2016

Boost Your Entertainment Cred With This One Update



Whilst I’m absolutely a lover of dining out, there’s also something wonderful about hosting people in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s for wine and cheese, a bbq and cocktails or dinner and prosecco. Either way, food and drink should be front and centre! Or if not front and centre, it should have at least a good supporting role.

The one thing that will change your hosting game is a bar cart. Trust me on this one. Firstly, when it’s styled right, a bar cart can look incredibly stylish and glamorous. Secondly, it’s so convenient. All of your drink making requirements in the one easily accessible spot? Fantastic!


Sitting on four wheels, you can move it around according to your hosting demands. From canapés and aperitifs in your garden to mains in your dining room and cheese and brandy in the living room. You’ll wonder how you ever did without one.

Whilst the primary advantage of a bar cart is the convenience it offers. But, there’s no reason why you can’t dress it up to the nines. Here are two tips to bring your bar cart up to scratch.

1. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

@interiorjunkie @dustjacket @interiorjunkie @dustjacket

Think about what accessories you can add to really give your cart character. This can be anything from flowers and plants to fancy glassware, a lamp or even books and artwork! Be as creative as you want, there’s no rule saying that your bar cart should only hold drinks and utensils.

@Apartmenttherapy @Apartmenttherapy

2. Style around your cart

When you’re not busy entertaining others and moving your cart from spot to spot, your cart should have a beautiful resting spot. Consider the surroundings of your cart and style your space in line with this. A bar cart can look very impressive and chic in front of a statement wall or piece of art.

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Want to find the perfect bar cart for your next soirée? Work with one of our Homewings designers for some more tips!

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