April 20, 2018

Before & After: Turning a Young Couple's First House in West London into a Home

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homewings before and after, living room design, living room interior design ideas Where: London UK | Budget: £2,500 | Designer: Natasha | Package: Premium

Jumping onto the real estate ladder can be nerve-racking, especially in London. But first time buyers Chris and Karen saw their first home in West London as an opportunity to finally curate a home that would reflect their style and personality —and not their landlord's. See how they made their first house a home with the help of Homewings.

before-and-after, homewings BEFORE

before-and-after, homewings AFTER

Where is home for you?

We come from all over and move around all the time so home is where our family is.

What's your favorite thing to do at home?

Laze around on the couch in the evenings, whilst the garden lights are on and just watch our small, yet beautiful garden wall.

Why did you consider working with an interior designer?

We bought our own place for the first time, and were finally moving out of our little furnished rented apartment. Finally, a chance to buy our own nice furniture. We wanted to give our own home a little more love. We had a few ideas about what we wanted to do and what kind of style we were looking for but were unsure where to find the right pieces of furniture at the right price and weren’t sure about how it would all look together. An interior designer was the perfect solution to our problems.

before-and-after, homewings

“I just love how it all fits perfectly together. It feels like a home — our home — and not a rental.”

before-and-after, homewings

What did you like best about working with your designer?

Our designer suggested a few items that we never would have thought of but that also looked interesting and we ultimately decided to go with her suggestions. The communication was fast and efficient and she really made the effort to get to know who we were and what our style was.

before-and-after, homewings

What's the story behind the totem in your living room?

The totem is a wedding gift. It’s a 150 year old piece of wood; painted on both sides. The artist is from my husband’s home town in Germany and every member of his family has a wooden piece from the same artist. It holds a lot of sentimental value and we think it fits perfectly with the rest of the living room. We also love that we can pick a side depending on our mood!

before-and-after, homewings

What is your favourite feature of the new design?

I can’t pick one thing, I just love how it all fits perfectly together. It feels like a home - our home - and not a rental.

before-and-after, homewings

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